The king of disco has passed away, the world of music in mourning….

The disco was born in the 70s but more precisely in 1973. The beginnings are timid, but everything will change when the Village People enter the scene. Indeed, it is the French producer, Jacques Morati, exiled in the United States, who will have a revelation in a gay club when he sees all his men in disguise. This is the birth of disco or Saturday night fever! Unfortunately, this Wednesday, February 16, bad news was announced on the Web. It is the death of a famous king of disco. We reveal his identity to you.

The king of disco has left to join the stars

Since the 1970s, the kings and queens of the disco universe have followed one another. Apart from the Village People, we can mention Boney M, Abba, Patrick Hernandez, Sheila or even Cloclo. But they are not the only ones! In 1975, Gloria Gaynor is the “queen of discotheques”. The title of “Disco Queen” is assigned to Donna Summer and she will release a great hit titled Love to love you baby. Listen to the track below to bring back fond memories.

Of course, we can’t forget the Bee Gees either, who were very dynamic at that time and at the height of their glory. Indeed, we necessarily think of their very first tube entitled Jive talkin. Moreover, in 1978, the song Le Freak by Chic will be number 1 in sales for almost three weeks. A huge consecration for this emblematic group.

Disco, a musical style of madness at the time

When the song saturday night fever landed, it was a huge success. Indeed, it is from this title that the madness of disco arrives in 1978 in France. John Travolta leaves no one indifferent, it’s obvious… And it’s thanks to Marc Cerrone that disco will spread throughout France thanks to his record Love in C Mino. He will win his first Grammy Award in 1977. His album supernatural will be the consecration of his musical career. A sacred king of disco who was a pioneer in his style. The first of his time.

We can say that Marc Cerrone had a lot of success which made more than one jealous. So, after him, other artists tried to become the kings of disco. Indeed, we can cite Patrick Juvet, Claude François or Sheila. Without forgetting Patrick Hernandez with his essential title Born to Be Alive which will go around the world. Unfortunately, this Wednesday, February 16, we have just learned that a king of disco has left us…

India in mourning

It’s about the king of disco in India and a great star of Bollywood, Bappi Lahiri. The singer has worked with the greatest artists in the world. For example, to our great astonishment, he collaborated with an American rap star, Snoop Dogg or the English singer Samantha Fox. Well, the king of Indian disco has passed away at the age of 69. The news was spread by his family.

The drama occurred Tuesday evening in Bombay. The news was made official by Deepak Namjoshi, the director of the CritiCare hospital where he died, according to information from the agency Press Trust of India (PTI). For information, the man was the victim of several illnesses. In fact, he suffered from multiple health issues. The family of the king of disco expressed their great sadness in an official press release. His wife and two children wish “love and protection to his soul”. One thing is certain, he will have brought a lot to the musical world. For that, many fans thank him. We wish him to rest in peace and send all our support for his loved ones.

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The king of disco has passed away, the world of music in mourning….

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