The height of the self-promotion of the mayor of Palma: he pays for three concerts the same as for advertising them

The height of mayor’s self-promotion Socialist from Palma, José Hila, who will pay for three concerts, which will take place in December on a date yet to be specified between the bridge of the Constitution and the 15th, the same as for publicizing them. Specific, 60,000 euros for the disbursement of the cache of musical groups, and the same amount, for the propaganda of these performances.

This has been approved by the Palma Tourism 365 Foundation led by the Socialist Councilor for Tourism, Elena Navarro, that has turned this public-private body into a instrument at the service of personal promotion of the first mayor of Palma with a view to the municipal elections in May.

Taking into account that the cache of the artists or musical groups to be contracted is €20,000 eachthe chosen ones in question will not be, far from it, first row stage proposals, so these concerts they cannot be considered to be any tourist attraction for the deseasonalisation of the economic activity of the city, which is, in theory, what the aforementioned municipal foundation would have to dedicate itself to.

That is why it is striking, if not grotesque, that Navarro, following the script of a municipal government installed in permanent propaganda, considers that these three concerts are “an initiative that seeks to extend the good tourist inertia of 2022 a little longer, largely due to the feeling of overcoming the pandemic and the search for a new normality.”

Nothing is further from reality because in fact they are free concerts for the public, in general, that they should rather have been organized, as is the case with other events of the same nature, by the Citizen Participation area. But being the coalition government of socialists, independentists of Més and Podemos a kingdom of taifas without relationship between the areas of government from one party to another, this Council was lucky for Podemos (with councilor Alberto Jarabo now in charge) so socialists are unwilling for its members to organize these concerts.

Far from programming three or four months in advance a wide, varied and top-level cultural program for the months of autumn and winter with renowned international artists, so that potential visitors to Mallorca during that December long weekend can purchase a flight, ticket and hotel, this municipal foundation under the command of Councilor Navarro improvising initiatives with little or no projection exterior, and as in this case, nor interior. Hence it is forced to make a ad spend matching cache that will pay the artists who are hired for that appointment.

It is the same public entity, and the same socialist councillor, who last September paid 217,000 euros to finger to the Prisa Group by organization of a dinner for Los 40 nominees with no external echo. A waste of public money endorsed by his independentist partners from Més “because this is a government pact and plurality must be respected.”

The specifications for the contracting of these events have already been tendered and put out to tender by the Palma 365 Foundation, and it is expected that in mid-November the poster, dates and specific locations of these three concerts that will be held if possible in a single location, is closed.

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The height of the self-promotion of the mayor of Palma: he pays for three concerts the same as for advertising them

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