The Food Week of June 17, the agenda – Kiss My Chef

We’re celebrating a crazy birthday

For 20 years now, the glacier, famous for its delicious flavors and its blooming ice creams, has been refreshing us. From June 18, Amorino celebrates its anniversary with a brand new recipe that modernizes the amarena cherry. A limited edition named Amarenada, clever balance between the freshness of gelato, the juiciness of cherries, the flower of milk and the crunch of hazelnuts that will revive the gourmet hidden in everyone. This frozen novelty is accompanied by a competition on instagram

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June 17 Food Week

We savor a beautiful softness

From June 17, Philip Conticini offers his version of Tropézienne pie. A soft brioche with a honeycombed crumb, generously sprinkled with grain sugar giving it crunch, topped with a light foamy cream on the palate that reveals its aromas of orange blossom and Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.

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June 17 Food Week

We devour new comforting bowls

Devourthe comfort-food delivery specialist, is launching its first brands of Asian specialties: Gyoza BowlJapanese-inspired bowls filled with melting gyoza or crispy karaage and Oba Bao steamed buns filled with pork, beef, chicken or vegetables offered with gourmet accompaniments.

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June 17 Food Week

We love wild strawberries

For the month of June, Julian Alvarez a new tangy pastry that combines wild strawberries with rhubarb. On an ultra crispy phyllo pastry with honey and shortbread dried fruits, a delicate almond butter covered with rhubarb and wild strawberriesall covered with a strawberry veil with Allymis flowers.

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June 17 Food Week

We savor the Brazilian taste

From June 21, Côté Sushi is offering a limited edition inspired by the colors and flavors of Brazil. This new Brazil Box made of Samba Moqueca -a breaded shrimp roll surrounded by bell pepper and topped with cream cheese and coconut- Samba Fortaleza with marinated mahi-mahi, with cucumber seasoned with ginger mayonnaise and topped with avocado strips and a plantain banana chips and a Sushi Salmao Maracuja – a torch salmon sushi, sprinkled with Brazilian spices, passion fruit and spring onion. And to complete the trip, chef Ngo Vu also offers a delicately tangy mahi-mahi ceviche and a sunny and exotic fruit salad.

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Ice cream cookies

We cool off with a cookie

For the third consecutive year, the cabin of theCrillon Hotel returns until September 11 with the now essential frozen cookies signed Matthieu Carlin. Each week a new frozen delicacy is revealed: hazelnut, coconut, buckwheat coffee or lemon meringue.

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Poutague Petrossian

We melt for the bottarga

Good to die for when you like iodized flavours, bottarga is available in 3 new flavors at Petrosian : Bottarga with Caspian spices, Smoked Bottarga with Timut berries and Bottarga with black truffles. And to vary the pleasures, a tarama with grated bottarga.

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Royal Monceau wellness menu

We eat peas from the germ to the pod

Doctor Olivier Courtin-Clarins and the new Executive Chef of the Long Bar at the Royal Monceau, Quentin Testart, offer a well-being menu for sunny days consisting of a fine tart with peas, flavored with a pod pesto with Swiss mint, served with goat curd with sweet notes and a salad of peas. And for the sweet note? A lemon-ginger Pavlova and lemon sorbet, an ultra-fresh dessert imagined with pastry chef Quentin Lechat.

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Le Philtre x Bagnard

We spice up our dishes, gently

Le Philtre Organic Vodka associates with Yoni Saada, the chef of Bagnard to offer a harissa with dried apricots soaked in vodka, Le Philtre. Full of tastes and colors, this little condiment brings its unique flavor to any recipe.

Harissa Le Philtre x Bagnard – on sale in the Bagnard RestaurantsUber Eats and Deliveroo

dinner Safari Thoiry

We dine in the savannah

45 minutes from Paris, the ZooSafari de Thoiry offers dinners imagined by the South African chef Kobus Botha in the heart of the African reserve. After an immersion in a bush truck in the territory of giraffes, hippopotamuses, rhinos and antelopes, we savor the giant barbecue of Kobus Botha at a time when zebras, elephants, ostriches… gather in herds. It’s a family experience.

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Bread Festival 2022

We reconnect with good taste

Bread, very good bread! Puppet celebrates breadon June 18 and 19 and highlights its nourishing virtues, its flours, its sourdoughs with the help of artisan bakers and a program of conferences, workshops, tastings, a market and a banquet for the whole family.

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The Food Week of June 17, the agenda – Kiss My Chef

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