The five curiosities of Doja Cat that you did not know

Your real name is Amala Ratna Zandilebut has been known since 2012 as Doja Catthe 26-year-old rapper who has not only conquered the public with her music, but is also a reference of admiration for many artists such as Anittathe Brazilian who has spoken publicly of her desire to share with the American whom she considers very authentic.

But what is behind the charm of Doja, who has been awarded several times at awards such as the Grammy and American Music Awards. Here we tell you five curiosities of the rapper who swept the Billboard with four awards and a style full of sensuality:

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His name alludes to marijuana

To form her stage name, the singer combined two of her favorite things: marijuana, which in slang is also called “Doja” plus the English term for cats: “Cat”.

family of artists

The love for music was probably inherited from his father, Dumisani Dlamini, who is a South African actor, composer and film producer. Her mother is a painter, while her brother was also dedicated to rapping before her, from him she took inspiration for this genre of which she is now the female representative.

I leave the school

Like many artists, the singer dropped out of school at one point to fully pursue her career. It was in eleventh grade that Doja decided to drop out of school and start uploading her songs to Garageband and Soundcloud, where she went viral in 2012 with the song “So High”.

is bisexual

In an Instagram Live video made in August 2019, Doja opened up about her sexuality, stating that she has no problem relating to both men and women. “I like both. I like dicks and I also like people I can have sex with. You can have sex with anyone, right?” she expressed.

She was hated in Paraguay

In March 2022, she was harshly criticized by her Paraguayan fans, whom she would meet at the “Asunciónico” festival, which was finally canceled due to weather conditions, but many pointed out that the interpreter of “woman” was not empathetic and left the fans fans waiting for her outside her hotel in the rain. However, she defended herself by arguing that when she arrived there was no one waiting for her outside the hotel.

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“I regret all the time I spent getting ready that day for the show that I’ve been breaking my back every day to give to you guys, but God bless you,” Cat said.

It is not the only time that she has been tried, because in 2018 the history of her twitter rrevealed some publications that the singer made in 2015 where she referred to some rappers as “faggots” for which she was branded as homophobic.

“Does saying fag mean you hate gays? I don’t think I hate gays. It’s okay to be gay.”

Then in 2020 she released the song “Dindu Nuffin”, which is a term used to mock African-Americans who claim to be victims of police brutality, for which she was labeled as racist, but she apologized and said she just wanted to misrepresent the term. She finally she was criticized for misinforming about the Covid-19 minimizing the disease as “a simple flu”. He later apologized when he tested positive for the virus.

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The five curiosities of Doja Cat that you did not know

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