The five concerts of ‘Microsonidos’ recommended by music critic Alberto Frutos

Rufus T. Firefly, one of the bands that participate in ‘Microsounds’, in a file image.

The festival starts this Friday and will last until April 7; will offer 40 nights of music with fifty bands of various styles in the Region of Murcia

Next Friday, February 3, and until April 7, the sixteenth edition of ‘Microsonidos’ will start in the Region of Murcia, which will offer nearly 40 nights of concerts in which fifty bands of different styles will participate, with an expected attendance of about 8,000 people. Attached to the ‘Region of Murcia Festivals’ quality seal, the musical cycle has the support of the Ministry of the Presidency, Tourism, Culture, Youth, Sports and Spokesperson, through the Institute of Tourism. This support includes the granting of subsidies to festivals that are well established in the Community (20,000 euros on this occasion).

In this 16th edition, Ítaca joins the REM, Musik and La Yesería halls, which together with two dependent centers of the Institute of Cultural Industries and the Arts (ICA), such as the Miguel Ángel Clares Hall, of the Víctor Villegas Auditorium, and the Centro Párraga, constitute the stages for the festival in Murcia and in the districts of Santiago and Zaraíche, to which are added Míster Witt Café, in Cartagena, and other enclaves in Mazarrón, Cieza and Torre Pacheco, where this year there will also be performances.

The selection of Alberto Frutos

‘Microsonidos’ will feature, as always, artists from the Region of Murcia. This year they will perform, among others, Marcelo Criminal, Los Astronomos, Higinio, The Rays On, The Golden Lips or Stahl Inc. Among the novelties of this year, the incorporation of the ‘Musical Appetizers’, which will take place on Saturdays at noon, stands out. at Locoloco Vintage.

LA VERDAD music critic Alberto Frutos recommends the following five concerts from the 40 nights scheduled for this edition of the festival. Here are his proposals:

Otto, left, Rufus T. Firefly, right.

Rufus T. Firefly + Otto

February 3rd. REM room. 10:00 p.m. €18 / €22

Alternative rock group from Madrid, which was formed in 2006 and takes its name from the character played by Groucho Marx in the Marx Brothers film ‘Goose Soup’ (1933). It is made up of Víctor Cabezuelo (voice and guitar) and Julia Martín-Maestro (drums and programming), Carlos Campos (guitar), Juan Feo (percussion), Miguel de Lucas (bass) and Marta Brandariz (keyboards). They have just released their seventh studio album, ‘El largo mañana’, with the addition of Marta Brandariz on keyboards and vocals and Juan Feo on percussion. Influences of the Neo Soul of the 70s are added to its characteristic sound.

Alberto Frutos considers that «the growth from album to album of Rufus T. Firefly has been accompanied by a dazzling evolution on stage. Thus, both in the record format and in his presentation tour, ‘El largo mañana’, he continues to shine as one of the tops that have emerged in the last decade of our musical scene ».

This formation is joined by the young singer from Oriolan Otto, with his guitar and his new style based on electronic music.

Nacho Para with the guitar in his hands.

Nacho For

March 18th. The plasterwork. 9:30 p.m. €14 / €17

The vocalist from Cartagena of the Bantastic Fand who undertook solo with the album ‘No parking tickets in the clouds’ (2022), produced jointly with Jorge Navarro.

According to Frutos, it is a “luxury opportunity that Microsonidos offers us to enjoy live one of the most beautiful, emotional, inspired and memorable albums released last year. And, beware, we speak both nationally and internationally. From the first to the last song, ‘No parking tickets in the clouds’, Nacho Para’s debut, apart from the essential Bantastic Fand, is a real gift for those who usually wear coats shaped like songs. A masterpiece that the man from Almería will defend in an unavoidable appointment ».

Kurt Baker.

Kurt Baker + Loganz + Chrome

March 10th. Spectrum Room. 9:30 p.m. €12 / €15

The critic of LA VERDAD also recommends the fusion of Kurt Milton Baker, American musician, composer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist. He is best known for his work in the pop punk group The Leftovers and his band The Kurt Baker Band.

Kurt Baker is, according to Alberto Frutos, «synonymous with top-class rock and pop, there are gems like the immense ‘Play it cool’ to prove it, and his visit to the Region of Murcia must be celebrated with well-deserved and justified enthusiasm. It’s hard to imagine a good old Baker concert where you don’t end up with a smiling face, your legs shattered from dancing and an unstoppable desire to get hooked, for the umpteenth time, on his repertoire. Big night that, in addition, will be completed with two local proposals as stimulating as Loganz and Cromo ».

The members of the La Plata band.

La Plata + Yakuza

Feb. 10. Spectrum Room. 10:30 p.m. €12 / €15

Among the performances recommended by the music critic [sigue cada viernes sus recomendaciones de fin de semana en el suplemento GPS de LA VERDAD] is the fusion of La Plata + Yakuzza. ‘Acción directa’ is the second album by La Plata, which was published a year ago. The band has established itself “as one of the most interesting bands of its generation.” A collection of themes that «devastated everything in their path, giving up just enough space for breathing, and that rose above average thanks to crystalline (and furious) forceful lyrics. A train at full speed that turns into perfectly controlled chaos on stage. His concert, together with Yakuzza, is another of the most anticipated of the sixteenth edition of Microsonidos».

Joaquin Pascual.

Joaquín Pascual + Fino Oyonarte + Mecca

Feb. 10. Parraga Center. 9:00 p.m. €12 / €15

The fifth recommendation is the concert by Joaquín Pascual + Fino Oyonarte + Meca at the Centro Párraga, which will welcome these “artistic personalities who rhyme with the characteristic outburst of the unique” with open arms. It is not so much about the quality of their proposal, but also about knowing that Joaquín Pascual and Fino Oyonarte are two absolutely inimitable ‘rare birds’ who, in the company of Meca, will display their particular musical universes in a festival that is (so ) great thanks to this type of concerts”, notes Alberto Frutos.

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The five concerts of ‘Microsonidos’ recommended by music critic Alberto Frutos

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