The false last concert of Siniestro Total was a joyful despiporre

It didn’t matter that the sound was muddled at various stages of the concert. Nor was it a problem for anyone that someone from the stage blew a sax and it was not heard. The scenery seemed austere, and who cares. Did anyone get upset because instead of well-known musicians from other bands the guests were… ex-members of the group itself? Of course not. Nobody complained last night in a packed WiZink Center in Madrid. That was a party, the celebration of the end of a band, Siniestro Total, unique in Spanish rock, a group that connects with our Kaffir version, reveler and leathery, and does it from the irony not exempt from intellectuality. A band that represents many other musicians in this country: guys who have built their careers in the van, carrying the amplifiers from town to town and recording the songs they want, without paying any damn attention to the rules of the market. . And last night they were going to walk over with their black suits and their electric guitars from the damn glitches. Nothing was going to bother them in their final mass bath. Any…

Look that they have suffered Total Loss frights in their 40-year career, but few like last night. They went out on stage and saw it with their amazed eyes: yes, indeed, there were 15,000 spectators who had paid a minimum of 40 euros per beard (and take that from the literal beard, because the percentage of the male audience, in their forties and fifties, was older, although there were also women who knew the songs phrase by phrase). Surely the largest paying audience in its four decades of existence. Siniestro Total had been offering concerts here and there for years, at neighborhood parties with free or paid admission, with audiences as loyal as they were modest. But it was announcing that they were withdrawing and thousands of people ravaged the capacity in hours. That’s how we are around here, wanting to live epic situations.

And the fact is that last night was not the last concert of the Galician group. It was announced as such, but because the tickets flew so fast, another date was added, this Saturday (this time about 9,000 people will attend). So there we were all enjoying it at Siniestro Total’s fake last concert. The previous atmosphere in the vicinity was unbeatable, with the terraces and bars in the nearby streets full and people preferably consuming half-liter cans of beer (“yonkilatas”, as the castizo would say), many wearing T-shirts that read “before all very calm”, the name of one of the famous live albums of the Vigo. By the way, many people from Vigo went to the capital to say goodbye to the most famous rock band in their city

The group began the recital with Miguel Costas on stage. The guitarist and singer left his companions in 1994, 26 years ago, so last night was the great reunion. Costas, let us remember, is the voice on the records of cutting-edge songs by Galicians such as I will dance on your grave either Galician miña terra. It was two hours and a quarter of a concert that they designed as a balance between popular songs and (let’s say) rarities for the ultra parish, specified in unusual songs in their repertoire such as Kiss me, I’m Galician, Assumpta either Nocilla, what a snack!

Jorge Beltrán, Julián Hernández and Miguel Costas in another moment of the concert on Friday. Victor Sainz

All the culture that goes with you awaits you here.


Julián Hernández, lord and master of the situation, was loquacious in some comments. He positioned himself with today’s times by addressing the public in feminine several times: “all of us”, “get pretty”, “we are here all together”. Hernandez made some hooligan and funny rants. “You don’t know it, but the rock world is very intellectual. In the van we have debates about many things: the deadly sins, the war in Ukraine… And we have come to a conclusion and that is that everything happens because Spain takes drugs, ”he said to the laughter of the audience. Or: “There comes a time at the WiZink concerts, when stars like Calamaro or Fito play, that the set acoustic, where songs and ballads from the eighties are performed”. Then they brought some chairs out on stage and some acoustic guitars. It seemed that, indeed, they were going to play acoustically. But it was a joke. Julián smashed the acoustics on the floor and took the chairs. Then the electrical instruments were hung up and attacked Damn Christina a clean guitar

The fury of the concert caused the spectators in the stands to barely sit down. Down on the track, there was a madhouse, of course. It was worth seeing 15,000 people shouting “Ayatolah, don’t touch my pirola”. Oh, if good old Germán Coppini, his first singer, raised his head. It was a mini beer concert held with one arm raised and the other hugging your colleague. Because our team had won the cup and we had to celebrate it, hey There is no such a suitable group to get out of hand after two years of fear and uncertainty. It was time to take off the mask, rub with the neighbor and bawl. And being wrong with some lyrics that we feel like singing only if they write them. “You are home alone and you have a problem. / And you don’t know how to tell Almudena. / You think it’s something very dirty, but you just have to cut off your foreskin. / Come to my skin and venereal clinic once and for all”, the palace sang energetically when they interpreted Operate your phimosis.

The only guests were former members of the band: the aforementioned Miguel Cosas and bassists Alberto Torrado and Segundo Grandío. Everyone came out to say hello at the end of the recital, in addition to Ángel González, drummer from 1988 to 2018, but currently disabled. A detail from the band provide a few minutes of glory in the farewell.

The final list was infallible: I will dance on your grave Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? Y We are Total Sinister, gem of one of his specialties: making versions of songs in English (in this case highway to hell, by AC/DC), but reformulating the lyrics in Spanish. Leaving the premises, happy, the fans of the band wondered: could it be true that Total Sinister will end with the extra concert this Saturday also at WiZink? It works in their favor that with a career based on sarcasm they can do whatever they absolutely want, including, of course, backing down. And no one will complain…

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The false last concert of Siniestro Total was a joyful despiporre

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