The European mule cup champion is from Toulouse: “We talk about it, but we don’t care”, testifies Quentin Thomas

Popularized in the 80s by artists and athletes, then neglected by the general public, the long neck is gradually finding its supporters. This is the case of Quentin Thomas, a Toulousain European champion of the mule cut.

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A hairstyle as much mocked as claimed. Yes, the mullet cut is by far the most controversial hairstyle.

VSconsidered as “beauf” by some (like Jeff in the movie “the Tuchs” released in 2011), its supporters then decided to claim the social stigma with which they are decked out, and they send a clear message: to waltz the diktats of fashion.

We thus see the flowering of mullet cut festivals that bring together hundreds of participants, an opportunity to pay homage to it without taking ourselves seriously.

And it’s under the pseudonym Edile Michel that Quentin Thomas won on October 8, in Ittre in Belgium, the title of European mule champion.

I went to the festival for the joke, to have a fun and relaxing time. There is a real culture of the second degree!

Quentin Thomas, European Mule Cup Champion

This 25-year-old professional dancer, who has been living in Toulouse for a year, proudly left “fry country”with a trophy : a statue of Our Lady of Lourdes filled with holy water and a lock of hair from the two previous winners.

A tradition that he will have to perpetuate next year, when he hands over his title (we warned you, no way to take himself seriously!)

For our winner, it took two years to obtain the desired result. A mullet cut consists of wearing long hair on the back of the neck, in a more or less orderly way, but not on the temples or the top of the head, where it is shorter. “We are aware that it makes people talk, but we don’t care”adds Quentin Thomas.

At the question, “Why did yours make the difference?”He admits : “I have no idea, all I know is that I presented myself to the jury by doing country dance steps, it may have played”.

It’s Sunday ahead Walker, Texas Ranger” and Chuck Norris’ stunning mullet cut, which Quentin is becoming familiar with with this hairstyle. And he’s not the only one, the long neck became popular in the 80s thanks to celebrities.

Rod Stewart was the first personality to adopt the mullet cut in 1971, followed by David Bowie, singer and fashion icon. In 1972, the latter made the red mullet haircut the flamboyant standard of his character. The cup is exported and is found on the heads of French stars like Johnny Hallyday or Francis Cabrel.

On the sports side, we don’t skimp on the scissors either, just take a look at the vintage photos of the German Rudi Völler or the English Chris Waddle.

In the mid-2000s, the mullet haircut returned to the heads of young people, thanks to a new phenomenon, the Tecktonik.

Today, even if a certain “contempt for class” persists on this hairstyle, we see it making a comeback among fashion-savvy personalities who want to break the codes like Miley Cyrus or Scarlett Johnson. Or on thehe heads of some urban music lovers, like the South African music group Die Antwoord.

So if your teenager in turn decides to let the mullet grow, don’t panic, he may be sleeping in him a future non-conformist star!

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The European mule cup champion is from Toulouse: “We talk about it, but we don’t care”, testifies Quentin Thomas

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