The diet that Adele has followed to lose more than 40 kilos: she tells it herself

Adele He has undergone a spectacular physical change. And it is his great weight loss of 45 kilos. The formula is simple: in addition to a strict exercise routine, it uses the so-called sirtfood diet but in its most severe version. This diet (forgive the redundancy) is based on the consumption of foods that interact with a group of proteins called sirtuins and that promises to lose weight, stimulate cell repair and rejuvenation.

This weight loss plan quickly became viral and promises to lose up to 3 kilos per week without eliminating things as coveted as chocolate or red wine. It is done, as Adele did, in three phases. In the first, daily calorie consumption is limited to 1,000 with a diet based on juices (mainly made with cabbage, arugula, parsley, celery, green apple and lemon juice) and a single meal per day. The second phase is lighter. Plan 3 meals a day and a juice. There we can already introduce lean meats in addition to olive oil, nuts, fruit, vegetables, buckwheat and wholemeal flour. Plus the three daily teas. And finally the third. The most permissive. It allows a lot of food (this is when you can have chocolate and wine if you want).

Goyo González explains in ‘Herrera en COPE’ an ideal recipe for the summer months with the most bearable ingredients

Herrera Newsroom at COPE 14 Jun 2022 – 09:12


The famous foods ‘sirt’ that make up this diet are foods high in sirtuin proteins. Would: apples, blueberries, buckwheat, capers, citrus, dark chocolate containing more than 85%, extra virgin olive oil, green tea, dates, parsley, kale, red wine, red onion, arugula, turmeric, or walnuts.

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The diet that Adele has followed to lose more than 40 kilos: she tells it herself

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