The curious demands of Karol G for her concerts in Bogotá

The requests of the Colombian singer were compared with those made by Residente for a presentation in Peru | Photo: Colprensa

After having shone as the most awarded at the 2022 Our Earth Awards, Karol G prepares for her concert in the city of Bogotáwhere more than 28,000 fans are waiting for her on May 21 and 22.

Regarding the details of said presentations, it has been known that, for example, She will be accompanied by DJ Agudelo 888 and Ryan Castrothe Colombian reggaeton player of the moment, who will be the prelude for ‘Bichota’ to delight the capital’s public with her successful songs.

However, these artists are not the only “special people” who will accompany her on that day, but her father Guillermo Giraldo and her sister “Yei” will also accompany her.

In addition, as revealed by Karol G’s work team to the digital medium Pulzo, There will be three costume changes that she will have during her show.

“If there are no changes in the plan, it may be that his first ‘show’ is with a red ‘outfit’ of pants and a t-shirt,” they explained.

But these are not the only curiosities that have been revealed about the upcoming concerts of the singer of ‘Provenza’ in Bogotá, but also the demands she made to feel comfortable there became known.

It turns out that, contrary to what usually happens with other artists of her stature, Carolina Giraldo Navarro (paisa’s first name) did not make eccentric requests, but rather simple ones.

According to Pulse, Karol G requested that her favorite sweets not be lacking at the Movistar Arena, among these ‘Quipitos’ and ‘Bon Bon Bum’.

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As soon as this information was released, several of the followers of ‘the girl from Medellín’ praised her simplicity and They even compared her to Residentformer member of the group Calle 13, who recently met a series of requirements that he made to appear in Peru.

According to the list of demands leaked a few weeks ago by César Ramos, owner of the production company Masterlive and responsible for that event (Vivo x el rock 2018), the Puerto Rican musician requested several armored cars and a presidential suite in one of the best hotels of the country, which greatly disrupted its budget.

“In some they are very strict, but I remember a lot about Residente. He caught me by surprise, I expected quieter requests, but they asked me for things that were more difficult to obtain. Many armored cars, the best presidential suite in the country, he asked me for very top things and he took me out of cost charts. In the end it was removed because the artist was already here and had been announced,” Ramos said in an interview with journalist Carlos Orozco.

The reactions to these words were immediate, considering that Residente is one of the artists who usually speaks out against opulence and, in fact, in his recent fight with J Balvin he criticized his colleague for showing a life full of luxury.

So much was the controversy generated by the information shared by the Peruvian businessman, that the Colombian senator María Fernanda Cabal took the opportunity to give her opinion on the matter and attacked René Pérez Joglar (the artist’s first name) for his “double standards”.

“The best presidential suite in Peru and many armored cars were some of the demands of the neocommunist Resident. They are fascinated by indoctrinating young people, they adore figures like Chávez, but they love to live like the richest of capitalists with other people’s money, ”said the former presidential candidate through her Twitter account.


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The curious demands of Karol G for her concerts in Bogotá

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