The Criminal Minds actress who wrote the final chapter of the series

She is an FBI computer agent, a fictional character named Penélope García. She changes glasses like clothes, she wears bows and all kinds of quirky accessories on her head. She adds huge necklaces and earrings to her outfit and her office desk has more decorations than a carnival.

The Serie Criminal Minds has featured the American actress Kirsten Vangsness in the role of Agent Garcia for 15 seasons. Thanks to this role, women perform the same work as Penelope in real life, they began to decorate her positions as she, “our FBI adviser told us,” she said excitedly in a chat with EL COLOMBIANO.

Today at 9:00 pm, the end of this drama that presented the work of the FBI’s behavior analysis unit, the investigators who were in charge of psychologically studying the most feared criminals, will be seen in Colombia on AXN.

Vangsness discussed what Agent Garcia left for her (plus a suitcase full of glasses at her house). She talked about the good relationship she has with her classmates, her facet as a writer in various episodes and what she will continue in her life.

What do you think of the success of your role in Criminal Minds?

“I have a lot of appreciation for my character. It was very special for me to see Penelope grow up and learn from her. She is such a sweet and dear role. It was a great honor to be her guardian. It meant a lot to me.”

How do you summarize your experience in the series?

“Like an unrepeatable and unstoppable life change. Something I will be eternally grateful for. I had a job that lasted longer than anyone else’s job, but I’m sad to leave the friendships I’ve made, the things I’ve learned, and the joy I’ve experienced. Another emotion was seeing the response from the fans, always special”.

Her character was so overwhelming, how complex was it to connect and disconnect from Penelope each season?

“Penelope and I are like very close neighbors. I’m going to say something that I think I haven’t said out loud and it sounds crazy. When I walked onto the set the first time and looked at the desk, it was like Penelope was talking to me and the thought that was in my head was: ‘there’s not enough stuff here.’ I brought my grandmother’s candy dish, some other nonsense and put it there, so that theme started to grow and became a label. Then came her outfit. The character was built with the ideas of a lot of people. I personally feel very close to her even though she couldn’t do her job, being an FBI analyst. I felt a great responsibility to portray her with a lot of dignity, heart and intelligence for those people who make a living with that profession.”

Will you miss something?

“Probably Penelope’s clothes and shoes. Not her glasses, I have them in a suitcase at home. I’m going to miss the work team, but not my friends because I see them constantly. Two nights ago, for example, I was having dinner with someone and when I picked up my cell phone there were 40 messages in a group that we have. then it happened adam rodriguez I talked to him, we took a picture and we sent it to everyone, 42 new messages arrived. We make time to see each other, have dinner, talk and be ourselves.”

With a series that deciphers the mentality of assassins, his idea of ​​human beings changed, for better or for worse?

“For good. Criminal Minds it is a very scary show and it shows terrible behaviors of people, but the series explains that monsters are created by monsters. There are so many good people in the world and there are far more than the evil people we pay too much attention to. I learned that yes, there are people who have done terrible things, but there is a preponderance of heroes, of good will and kindness.

Which chapter of Criminal Minds impacted you the most?

“It was a long time ago, the episode where Penelope gets shot. At that time I thought that my character was not important. When I realized that she was in danger, I said to myself: I am important! And it was also very hard to record it. the other was A beautiful disaster (episode 18 of season 11), in which Derek Morgan, played by Shemar Moore, it goes. I co-wrote it with showrunner Erica Messier and it was seeing that my character was in love with him. I thought, who is Garcia without Morgan? and Penelope went through a period of legitimate mourning.”

How digital are you in real life and what did you learn from them? hackers and the dark web?

“I’m nothing like my character and I tried hard to keep up. The writers always said that Garcia was like Merlin, more like something magical, a mixture of intuition and intelligence. I tell you that I write on the keyboard with two fingers and I am very normal in front of a computer. I did learn from the series that programming is complex and also from the white hacker and the extraordinary work they do in the world taking care of people.”

What’s next for you after Criminal Minds?

“I’m writing. I went to Edinburgh, Scotland, in August with a couple of plays. I made an animated short called Curtains with which I appeared in several film festivals. I’ve been doing live performances and I’m auditioning for roles, which is a really weird and wonderful thing, because I didn’t do it before. I’m trying to understand what life is like without this job. It’s pure personal growth.”

Did you do several scripts for Criminal Minds, how was the experience?

“I wrote five episodes with Erica Messier. The first was Nelson’s Sparrow (episode 13 of season 10) and it was a lot of fun. The last one was the one you will see today, the end. It’s complicated because you don’t want to finish the series and you have to finish it, somehow, in 44 minutes. You’re not going to be able to please everyone, but our hope was to make it a fun episode to shoot, write and watch. I hope we made it.”

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The Criminal Minds actress who wrote the final chapter of the series

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