The concerts returned to Venezuela between euphoria and expectations (I)

The revival of the massive show has generated a list of artists who return to local stages. Many wait to know what the next announcement from the producers will be. Also, between hoaxes and discussions, the sector is committed to establishing itself

Caracas. Google Maps indicates that the distance between Caracas and Hacienda Santa Teresa is 74.5 kilometers if you take the Autopista Regional del Centro​​. There, in that idyllic place for many, a key point for tourism in the central region, the Coldplay concert was supposed to take place on September 28 of this year.

The information came from a portal whose existence many learned about on Monday, April 25: Market Watchwhich supposedly named Juan Carlos Araujo as president of Solid Show, the company that would bring Chris Martin to sing “Yellow” and “Paradise” among palm trees and barrels.

On Twitter, several disclosed the information, including some journalists. But a slightly meticulous analysis found flaws. For example, in 2020, Juan Carlos Araujo was sentenced to 30 years in prison for drug trafficking.

On March 30, 2015, he had been arrested for illegal drug trafficking. That same day was the last publication on Instagram by Solid Show, which then announced a Maluma concert in Maracaibo.

Market Watch also indicated that tickets would begin to be sold from May 5 at Ticketmundo, and that the concert would have as national artist the Anzoatiguenses of Tomates Fritos, indicated as Caracas on the portal.

“These days I have sent several budgets due to a certain reactivation of the musical movement, but I did not receive any proposal from Solid Show or Coldplay”, commented the singer Reynaldo Goitia that same Monday when many still wondered the veracity of the publication about the concert .

Concerts Venezuela
To enter the page with Coldplay information, you have to use the Wayback Machine

Minutes later it was denied. In fact, the Market Watch link with the false scoop is currently down. But already the expectations of a possible Coldplay concert increased when on Twitter the Music Trends Colombia account assured that the band had added four dates in Latin America, and that Venezuela was one of the countries interested in specifying along with Colombia, Uruguay, Paraguay , Ecuador and Costa Rica.

It is not the first time that the British band has been talked about in the country. The journalist Lorena Tasca worked between 2011 and 2014 at the cultural source in The universal. Remember that during the Live 2012 tour there was interest from producers in bringing them to the country, but that the Venezuelan context was against it. It was difficult for companies to pay for everything that a Show of the grouping.

According to the portal International booking, hiring Coldplay for a concert costs more than 1 million dollars. People linked to production assert that this figure falls short when taking into account the type of Show offered by the group, with unconventional platforms and other gadgets that are not usually among those required by a group or singer.

So, now with the barrage of announcements of artists that will come to the country, the group appeared again among the wishes of many. Of course, what is happening is part of a reactivation process that began in 2019 with some events that had their peak at the Cúsica Fest, but in 2020 the pandemic paused any plan that the producers had.

The day after the erratic Coldplay data, there were a couple of announcements. AGTV Live reported that Ana Torroja will be brought to the Teresa Carreño theater on June 23, while Cúsica will take the Argentines from Bandalos Chinos to the El Hatillo amphitheater on July 13.

They join a list that includes or has included Morat, Prophetic Culture, SanLuis, Fonseca, Emmanuel, Alejandro Fernández, Sech, Natti Natasha, Lenny Tavarez, Bacilos, Kany García, Cristian Castro, Reykon. The newspaper The National reported that Monsieur Periné will come in August as part of the Movistar festival from the Living sofawhich plans to bring together groups such as Anakena, La Melodía Perfecta and Rawayana, who are waiting to be confirmed, at the Bello Monte Acoustic Shell.

Concerts Venezuela
Images of one of Evenpro’s platforms when they performed concerts in large locations. Courtesy of Evenpro

Some concerts have been a surprise even for the organizers, as happened with Morat, who unleashed such a fury that tickets were sold out in a short time and they had to open another show. The reaction of people in search of tickets was viral.

In Holy Week, finally, in Lechería the Sunset Roll Festivalwhich had been pending since 2020, when it had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

The prices vary. For example, to see a Natti Natasha on the terrace of the CCCT you have to invest between 30 and 500 dollars. Kany Garcia at the Teresa Carreño it costs between 55 and 95 dollars.

Already in 2021 there were some concerts. Vaccination plans began to mitigate the effects of the virus, and different sectors of the economy began to reactivate. Cúsica brought Lagos and Los Mesoneros, while Evenpro organized the Liveri Music Festival at Simón Bolívar University with Nacho, Akapellah, Guaco, Rawayana, Caramelos de Cianuro and Desorden Público. Cultural centers such as the BOD and the Center for Social Action for Music also timidly reactivated their agendas, which today are much more active. For example, Chipi Chacón recently appeared in the Simón Bolívar room of the system’s headquarters, as did Nella Rojas. A series of restaurants with different atmospheres have also been activated, such as Modo in Chacao, in which groups such as C4 Trío have performed, which was also at the Bello Monte Acoustic Shell.

Concerts Venezuela
The Cúsica Fest in 2019 represented for many the sign of the reactivation of the sector. Courtesy of Mafe Burbano

It was in 2022 when the maelstrom began, a fact that has meant an awakening after two years of pause due to the pandemic. Not so much the artists, but more so the event technical staff had to find other ways to earn income.

In 2020, especially, audio or lighting technicians, for example, dedicated themselves to selling food or other activities unrelated to what they have always done.

Now, these ads represent an opportunity to get back on track. An entire offer that is reminiscent of the moments before the exacerbation of the crisis in Venezuela, in 2014. Of course, it still does not compare to the panorama of two decades ago, when festivals such as the Caracas Pop Festival brought together artists like Roger Waters, Korn and No Doubt in the same week. In fact, artists from the Anglo industry have not yet visited the country.

Like Coldplay, for the second half of the year Dua Lipa will be in countries like Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Mexico. Metallica and Gorillaz have just given concerts in the south of the continent.

For some producers it is still difficult for figures like Rubén Blades or Alejandro Sanz to come. In addition, the two authors have had marked disagreements with Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro.

They even doubt the possibility of hiring one of those who are currently in fashion, such as Bad Bunny, who will be in these time zones between October and December.

Another concert that has attracted attention is that of Sin Bandera and Camila on June 15 at the Poliedro de Caracas, an entertainment venue that had lost its quality as a benchmark, and which also served to care for patients with COVID-19 during the pandemic. .

Invershow is the production company behind this show. On April 1, he announced on his networks the return to the country of both groups. Four days later they assured that the tickets had been sold out and they opened a second function on June 14. Officially, the Poliedro de Caracas has a capacity of 13,500 people seated and 20,000 standing, but these numbers vary according to factors such as the size of the platform and its position, among other aspects.

For the first date, the price of tickets to that show was also news, which ranged between 60 and 5,000 dollars, the latter amount as a package for 10 people with different benefits.

Like Solid Show, Invershow is another company that has transcended the media not only because of its shows, but also because its founder, Pedro Morejón —who was a minister of Chavismo— has received different accusations in journalistic works.

Producers of traditional shows such as Evenpro, responsible for bringing to Venezuela figures such as Metallica, Soda Stereo, Gustavo Cerati, Shakira and Red Hot Chili Peppers, among many others, also returned to the ring. In fact, it is the company responsible for the Caracas Pop Festival, as well as the concert in which it was performed in 2012 “teacher life” in La Carlota, where Rubén Blades, Gustavo Dudamel and the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra met.

Up to now, Evenpro has announced concerts in Venezuela by Piso 21, Il Divo, SanLuis and Fonseca. In February, the journalist Simón Villamizar wrote on Twitter that the company was behind Luis Miguel, but so far there has been no official announcement.

The Mexican singer has not announced a tour, but it is believed that his tour either by the end of the year or in 2023. There are other production companies also interested in bringing it. Ricardo Arjona is another of the names that sounds for the Venezuelan stages, like Olga Tañón. The Guatemalan will be between August and November in Latin America.

There are others who have been evaluated, including J Balvin and Julieta Venegas. A source linked to the sector assures that they knocked on the door of an agency in the United States that manages Lenny Kravitz.

Curiously, on April 12 the Global Events account published a post on Instagram in which rock fans in Venezuela were asked for three options: Roger Waters, Evanescence and Lenny Kravitz. It is one of the companies behind the tribute to Soda Stereo at the Concha Acústica and the return of Siudy Garrido at the Teresa Carreño theater, where Emmanuel will perform in June in a concert also sponsored by this company together with Total Show.

Concerts Venezuela
On April 12, Total Events opened a debate on its Twitter account

They are also responsible for Karina’s recent presentations in the country, including the one promoted by the Mayor’s Office of Baruta at the Concha Acústica on April 3.

Massimo Coletta is the founding director of Profit Producciones and shareholder partner of Eventos Globales and Total Show. When asked about a possible visit from Lenny Kravitz, he replied: “So far nothing is confirmed.” By insisting on whether there was any contact with any agency of booking, he said: “It’s just polls. Nothing more”.

Mass Christian music was also reactivated. The Dominican group Oasis Ministry plans a tour in May that begins on the 5th at the Jorge Luis García Carneiro stadium, which continues on the 7th at the UCV University stadium. They are scheduled at the Ramón Pérez Ochoa stadium in Charallave, the Valencia Forum, the Alfonso “Chico” Carrasquel stadium in Puerto La Cruz, the Valle de la Pascua bullring, the Italo Venezolano Club in Apure and the Maracay Military Circle.

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The concerts returned to Venezuela between euphoria and expectations (I)

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