The Community of Madrid launches Radar Joven to support emerging musical creation with concerts

With Young Radarthe regional Executive, through the Ministry of Family, Youth and Social Policy and that of Culture, Tourism and Sport, commemorates the European Year of Youth, a celebration that has been carried out throughout the year with other initiatives such as the concert series Vermouth Session or the Festival #YouthFestwhich brought concerts, film sessions and other cultural activities to the Pilar Miró Cultural Center last June.

This was explained today by both directors, Concepción Dancausa and Marta Rivera de la Cruz, respectively, during the presentation of the program at an event that was held in the emblematic Sala El Sol and which featured the performance of the young singer Marinita Precarious, present in the program of the concert series

Dancausa has pointed out that the European Year of Youth aims to “restore to this sector of our society, the confidence and momentum damaged during the pandemic, and promote the construction of a more sustainable, inclusive and inclusive Europe, in this case taking advantage of the work of these new creators.

For his part, Rivera de la Cruz wanted to emphasize that “with Young Radar The Community of Madrid maintains its constant commitment to the young talent of the national scene and its commitment, in the form of support, to small clubs and concert halls, fundamental spaces in the cultural and tourist development of the region”.

Young Radar It has 47 bands and artists, in a very varied proposal that perfectly reflects the diverse, complex and attractive current music scene, in which the talent of this emerging generation of musicians defines the independent music scene in our country.

Bet on women and groups from Madrid

A line-up of artists that stands out for the great presence of groups from Madrid, as well as for the important role of women among the participating bands. The concerts will be held in the 24 venues associated with Madrid en Vivo, some of which are benchmark venues in the region’s music history, such as Baracudas, Búho Real, Café Berlín, Café La Palma, Clamores, El Sol, Wonders, Siroco or Grotto 77.

The bands and artists that can be enjoyed in Young Radar they go from pop to rock, passing through the new urban sounds and they are Afrojuice 195, Amor Butano, Astrid Canales, Brava, Brisa Nunjo, Bune, Çantamaría, Carlota Flâneur, Chicxs Rosas, Choley, Derrumbe, Edu Requejo, Eigen Risico, El Último Neighbor, Espineli, Grande Amore, Green T, Hickeys, Interrogation Love, Juan Azul, Judeline, Julia Amor, Júlia Colom, La Helen, Labudu, Lady Banana, Las Dianas, L3mur, Lea Leone, Leia Destroye, Malabrava, Marinita Precaria, Marta Knight, Menta, Prestige World, Nine Unknowns, Pedraxe, Danger!, Pipiolas, Queidem, Red Cactus, Sara del Valle, Holy Week, Side Chick, Shangai Baby, Ondaka and Tumaca.

In addition, thanks to this series of concerts, the Community of Madrid Youth Card recovers its collaboration with the Madrid en Vivo venues and offers a reduced price for its users, as well as other discounts.

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The Community of Madrid launches Radar Joven to support emerging musical creation with concerts

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