“The Clasclás concerts are a guaranteed success: they are groups of many years”

Today Vilagarcía closes its successful book fair and in a few days it will inaugurate another important cultural event in the city: the Clasclás, which will take place from June 27 to July 2. The Vilagarcía International Classical Music Festival celebrates five uninterrupted editions, since –although in a reduced format– it was maintained during the pandemic. Now it returns in style, recovering the concerts in country houses and churches, the social and community program for groups and premiering “A pé da rúa”, which will take music to the streets for several noons by students of the Conservatory and the School of Music. The 450 tickets (free) for the concert on the 30th at Praza da Peixería have been sold out and those of the pazos (paid) are about to do so.

– The Clasclás was one of the few events that was held just after the 2020 confinement. Now it returns with all the meat on the grill.

– The third edition was that of the pandemic, with a very small version, somewhat testimonial and with its own media within the program Son da Casa! It was the first municipal activity that was carried out in the pandemic, in June 2020. And the one in 2021 was a different edition because we still had quite a few restrictions. We hope that in this we can enjoy a little more.

– How in the old ones?

– I don’t know if it’s like in the previous ones but in principle the design is like that. Let’s hope get luck and everyone is well for the festival.

“It will be the first time that we have a concert with two grand pianos in Vilagarcía”

Rosina Sobrido – Director of the Clasclás

– This year they resume the concerts in different locations, such as country houses and churches.

– We add locations and return to the concerts in the pazos. On the 28th in A Golpelleira it will be the first time that we have a concert in Vilagarcía with two grand pianos. It will be a spectacular concert. It is a piano duo formed by Vilija Poskute and Tomas Daukantas. The piano duo is one of the most difficult chamber music ensembles to put together because it requires absolute fit and rapport.

– How are ticket sales going?

– The concert of Jan Mrácek and Lukás Klánský at Praza da Peixería for June 30 (free) has sold out for the second time. We extended fifty tickets and all 450 have been reserved. In relation to the concerts in the Pazos de A Golpelleira (28th) and Rubiáns (29th) they are paid and there are less than ten tickets left on both sites, so we also hope to sell them out. The capacity is 300 people in A Golpelleira and 160 in Rubiáns because we must guarantee space for all attendees in the winery in case of rain. If the weather permits, it will be in the impressive gardens of the Pazo de Rubiáns.

The great string quartet

– The Trio Guarneri repeats in the artistic direction of the festival, does it maintain the scheme of last year?

– Yes, but this year they have gone a little further, they have tightened the screw a little more. Last year’s concerts were very good but now even better, they are much more consolidated groups. For example, him Quiroga Quartet it is National Music Award 2018 and they bear the name of a Galician musician who is Manuel Quiroga. It is one of the great string quartets in Spain. In relation to the piano duo that will perform in A Golpelleira, it is the first prize in the ARD contest in Germany, very prestigious at an international level. Y Jan Mrácek, who will act with Lukás Klánský on the 30th in A Peixería, is the concertmaster of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, one of the best in the world. She is very young and has already reached the top, she has a brilliant career ahead of her.

– In addition to international musicians, the Clasclás will also showcase local talent with the new program “A pé da rúa” Will we listen exclusively to classical music?

– No. Music will be played, music in general, not classical music. We start with these concerts on Monday 27, with different groups from the Conservatory and the School of Music that they are going to go out to play in the street every noon from Monday to Friday in Plaza de Galicia and Plaza de Ravella. There are groups of percussion, orchestra, trombones and horns, guitars, some piano, flutes, clarinets,… prequel, on Sunday the 26th we will have in the churches of Sobrán and Vista Alegre concerts of Conservatory students at 12:00 and 12:30, after mass.

– Prices are 19.80 euros in A Golpelleira and 21 euros in Rubiáns (plus management fees). Why do they vary from one manor house to another?

– Simply because of the type of establishment. The restoration has a VAT of 10% and the winery of 21%. On other occasions the price was cheaper, but for the companies that manage these sites the situation is not the same as in 2018 and 2019. Very hard years have passed without events or with very little. Furthermore, we already know thatEverything is more expensive in all walks of life and this is no exception. The ticket price is intended to pay for the catering that is served after the concert.

“The Clasclás artistic program includes five concerts”

Rosina Sobrido – Organizer of the Clasclás


– In the Pazo de Rubiáns, the Caramuxo Quartet will perform on the 29th, outside the artistic program.

– Yes, we wanted him to come for a long time. In this edition all the groups have been playing together for a long time, all without exception. Already the artistic direction itself, the Guarneri Trio from Prague, who has been 36 years and is recording albums at the moment. They are fireproof. They are still doing concerts in various places in Europe and are looking forward to getting here next week. The piano duo that will play in A Golpelleira has been together for 22 years, they began in their youth. Caramuxo, which is actually a sextet, about 15 or 20 years. Quiroga [1 de julio en el Auditorio] go around and Geneva Brass [2 de julio en el Auditorio] also. Is robustness is a characteristicue has the entire artistic program of the Clasclás, which includes five concerts. They follow the line that marks the artistic direction, and that is that there must be an important solidity in the group, that is to say, that they have been playing together for a long time, offering a proven quality and interpretive solvency. We are going to some concerts that, yes or yes, are going to be a success. We know it in advance. They are concerts in which the repertoire is well thought out, worked on and consolidated, and what you hear when you attend one of them is an unforgettable experience. That can be seen, heard and felt. The feeling is fantastic.

“We have kept the three meters distance until the end of the course, it was hard”

– How have they coped with the pandemic at the Conservatory?

– We had fairly severe restrictions throughout the course, they did not release us like other centers. We have maintained the three meters of distance between the teacher and the student until very recently, until the general withdrawal of the masks, although almost everyone in the Conservatory continued to wear them. We maintained the COVID measures until the end of the course because it was not operational to change them with the little that was left. The three meters of separation between teacher and student in instrumental class is a long distance. For music this time has been tremendous, very complicated. We had to split the orchestra into pieces and it is very complicated to work like that. So now that all that no longer exists, we have decided to put the orchestra back together after two years, we have made some percussion groups in the center… These are activities that are not included as such in the curriculum, there are no hours of instrument set. And they have been created especially for the Clasclás. The teachers are very happy and the students are going to take advantage of the opportunity after so long. They will offer a very attractive and different repertoire which they usually play during the course.

“We had to divide the orchestra into pieces and it is very difficult to function like this”

Rosina Sobrido – Director of the Vilagarcía Conservatory


– After finishing the course, the students have continued to work hard to prepare the “A pé da rúa” concerts.

– Our classes at the Conservatory finished on may 13th. The teaching staff has been dedicated throughout this month to doing with the students what we usually cannot because the academic year does not allow us to, such as ensemble music, group music, something very important.

“We recovered the social concert, with 300 people with different abilities”

– The Clasclás recovers the social and community programme. What groups participate?

– Yes, with the pandemic we did not. They are high-risk people and in 2020 and 2021 we were not vaccinated, neither they nor we. More than 300 people will participate with different capacities, attending a concert by the Guarneri Trio and the piano duo on Wednesday 29 at 11:00 in the Auditorium. participation is confirmed With Eles, Lar Pro Saúde Mental, Autismo Bata, Amencer-Princesa Letizia, Cogami, Valga Day Center, Sanxenxo Day Center, Domusvi de Ribadumia, Apropark (Pontevedra Parkinson’s Association), O Sariar Occupational Center, Afasal, Cáritas Arousa, Abrente Day Center, Lembranzas, Vilagarcía Socio-Community Center, Vilagarcía Red Cross and Friends of Galicia Foundation. The social concert is the most special part of the festival for us because they thank us in such a big way and they like it so much… We all get very excited. They are going to listen to the same thing as the rest of the public, it is not a different repertoire.

– Regarding the master class, how many students will be trained and from which centers?

– This year there are twelve from the Higher School of Music of Catalonia (Esmuc), the Higher Conservatory of Music of Castilla y León, the Higher Center of Music of the Basque Country (Musikene) and the Higher Conservatory of Music of Vigo. They will receive the Guarneri Trio master class and will star two concerts: Thursday 30 and Friday 1 at 12:00 in A Peixería; you do not have to reserve a ticket.

– In previous editions students came from other countries.

– Yes, but last year we started this project to give people from Spain an opportunity.

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“The Clasclás concerts are a guaranteed success: they are groups of many years”

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