The ‘Charts’ of the month of January!

At the beginning of each month, aficia invites you to dive into the world charts. The goal is to give you a sample of the titles that work the most or that are emerging quickly.

For this new section, we will focus on the charts global, American, French and British. We will refer to the rankings of these countries but also to the performance of the securities on Spotify (very important listening indicator) and Shazam (which makes it possible to identify new trends). We also watch the radio rankings in France and we will escape from time to time in border countries. Place therefore in the rankings of the week from 02/01 to 08/01.

Christmas having passed, the charts are back to normal. Exit therefore Mariah Carey, Wham or even Brenda Lee. Progress compared to last week is therefore impressive. However, the artists who were at the top at the beginning of December are still performing as well, Taylor Swift on your mind. She is back in 1st place in the USA with her mastodon “Anti-hero”.

The Billboard Global 200

The Billboard Global 200 is a recently created ranking that includes all sales/downloads as well as all plays on streaming platforms around the world. It is therefore the reference ranking of the world music market. We offer you the top 5 with each new article. This week is SZA who is already #1 with Kill Bill.

  1. SZA – Kill Bill (+10)
  2. Sam Smith & Kim Petras – Unholy (+11)
  3. David Guetta & Bebe Rexha – I’m Good (+25)
  4. Rema & Selena Gomez – Calm Down (+13)
  5. Taylor Swift – Anti-Hero (+15)

SZA’s talent finally shines

For several years, the American singer SZA chain of collaborations, in all styles, from Maroon 5 to Doja CatPassing by Kendrick Lamar. These collaborations allowed him to gradually acquire a growing notoriety. She was thus able to release her 1st album in 2017. CTRL. It will have waited until 2022 to offer S.O.S., his successor. And the least we can say is that this new album was a tidal wave.

The week of its release, almost all the titles entered the American top 100, right in the middle of the holidays. Since then, the album is #1 in the USA. Being for the 4th consecutive week, it rivals some albums of The Weeknd or The 20/20 Experience of Justin Timberlake. These last R’n’B rated albums haven’t been #1 for more than 5 weeks. SZA could well pull off the feat of equaling them.

The title that has grown the most is the sublime Kill Bill, a dark but melodic ballad. The track is #1 on the Billboard Hot 200, #3 on the US charts and #4 on the UK charts. It also convinces widely in streaming where it is the most listened to title in the world on Spotify, but also the most listened to in the USA, Canada or Australia. It is content with 2nd place in the United Kingdom where STRIPED is in front with Escapism. For the moment, Europe remains on the sidelines, even if that is starting to change, especially in the Scandinavian and Baltic countries.

Check out SZA’s “Kill Bill”:

Central Cee confirms on his new title

British rapper Central Cee had taken the planet by storm with his viral hit “Doja”. The artist drives the point home with a new drill and well-placed sample lesson. This time, the Brit is tackling “let her go” of passenger, one of the songs with the most plays on Spotify. His flow is still as sharp on “Let Go”. The sample brings a bit of nostalgia and warmth to this winter, which isn’t as cold as that.

The week of its release, the title entered directly #1 in France (today #7). With us, it is also #5 on Spotify, #10 in Shazam requests and #51 in radio broadcasts. It also does hugely on streaming on Spotify, where it is #22 overall, #4 in the UK and Germany. In the official chart rankings, he is #34 on the Billboard Global 200 or #6 in the UK. For the moment, the United States remains hermetic to Central Ceeas is generally the case for European artists.

Check out Central Cee’s “Let Go”:

Rema takes her time

“Calm Down” of Rema is very far from being a discovery in France. The title was a real hit of the summer, in the same vein of emerging Nigerian artists here. The longevity of the title is insolent since it is still #30 in radio broadcasts but above all #2 in the French charts. In more than 6 months of operations, it’s almost indecent. But here that abroad, the title took a lot of time to convince (it bears its name well). We had to go through the remix box with an international artist, namely Selena Gomez. And it must be said that it is starting to pay off.

In this month of January, Rema reached its best rankings simultaneously in the USA (#46), in the United Kingdom (#8) but especially on the Billboard Global 200 (#4). In Anglo-Saxon countries, the title turned into real winter hit. The United States experienced very wintry weather, breaking cold records. Americans probably needed to warm up. It is currently the 4th most viewed clip in the world on YouTube. However, streaming listening is down in these countries. Rema is therefore certainly having his best week. It is still #13 overall listening on Spotify.

Listen to “Calm Down” by Rema & Selena Gomez:

Korea and Latin America: real breeding grounds

South Korea and Latin America are huge consumers streaming music, and almost exclusively from artists from their respective countries. It is very, very rare to see a title that is not sung in Spanish being a hit in Hispanic countries. As for South Korea, there very regularly emerge new boys and girls bands. Due to their massive listening, they allow their artists to squat the international tops.

Let’s start with Archangel which peaks at the top of plays on Spotify in Spain and in many Latin American countries. Helped by the ultra-popular Bad Bunnyhis title La Jumpa is #9 in global listens on Spotify. This popularity allows him to rank #15 on the Billboard Global 200. He is present in the top 10 of the most watched clips in 9 countries, all Latin.

As for South Korea, they send us the girlband NewJeans who is likely to be one of the new darlings of K-Pop fans. The group places 4 titles in the top 5 Spotify in South Korea, including “Ditto” #1. These performances allow them to be #21 of the most listened to titles in the world on Spotify but especially #8 of the Billboard Global 200. This shows the power of Korean music and how much it is supported by Koreans.

Check out “Ditto” by NewJeans:

A few figures in brief

Tom Odell continues its epic which began several months ago with “Another Love”, yet released 10 years ago. We had already talked about it in the charts article of the month of september. We come back to it since the title has just reached his best ranking in the UK where it is #10 in the charts. He hadn’t done better 10 years ago. It is also #14 in France, where it is again enjoying significant radio rotations.

Another old title has come back to the fore thanks to the football world cup. Of course, it will be “Freed From Desire” (1997) by Gala, which the blues used in the locker room to celebrate their victories. The media had their ears hanging out and the French reclaimed the title. It was the most listened to in France on Spotify on New Year’s Eve and ranks #8 on the French charts.

Our French trinix are they on their way to becoming the global kings of TikTok? Each of their remixes quickly goes viral. They take vocals online, which often come out of nowhere; to transform them. Their latest is called “It’s A Beautiful Day” and honors a little boy with a golden voice. The track is the 16th most Shazamed in the world and the 33rd most Shazamed in the US.

Check out Trinix’s “It’s A Beautiful Day”:

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The ‘Charts’ of the month of January!

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