The best memes left by Lana del Rey’s collaboration with Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift through social networks announced that the fourth song of her new album will feature the participation of Lana del Rey. REUTERS/Mark Blinch

Recently the singer Taylor Swift finished revealing all the songs of his tenth studio album and in his last collaboration can be seen with Lana del Rey, reason why Internet users have given themselves the task of make memes

In such a way that the fourth song of his single entitled Snow On The Beachit is a cooperation with the composer Lana, which represents a dream come true for the followers of both singers.

Taylor through his personal account tik tok officially released the final listing for his single Midnights, which will be published next October 21.

The plot of their songs will talk about 13 nights he spent without sleep throughout his life and on track number 4 he will make his dazzling appearance with Elizabeth Woolridge Grantunder the production of Jack Antonoff.

The final track will be as follows:

– The first song of the album will be Lavender Haze.

– Followed by Maroon.

– Third Anti Hero.

– Fourth Snow On The Beach (feat. Lana Del Rey).

– Fifth You’re On Your Own, Kid

– Sixth Midnight Rain.

– Seventh Question…?

– Eighth vigilant shit.

– Ninth Bejeweled.

– tenth Labyrinth.

– Eleventh Karma.

– Twelfth SweetNothing.

– Thirteenth Mastermind.

American singer Lana del Rey will collaborate with Taylor Swift on her tenth album EFE/Fernando Bizerra Jr.
American singer Lana del Rey will collaborate with Taylor Swift on her tenth album EFE/Fernando Bizerra Jr.

To make the songs known, the interpreter has given herself the task of successively publishing videos in which she takes out a bingo ball in which the title of the tune can be seen.

This will be the tenth studio album of the singer-songwriter, who began her career under the title of the teenage voice of country, however soon changed her style to pop.

Currently has more than 200 awardsamong them: Gramy, Emmy, Billboard Music Award, American Music Award, Country Music Association Award and MTV.

People belonging to the fandom of both King’s wool like Taylor Swift expressed their surprise at such collaboration through memes they shared in the social network Twitter until they become a trend.

Some people did not expect such news and collapsed from the shock that they will be able to listen to two artists as popular as them in the same song.

Many others will be so confused that they will have drastic mood swings throughout the song, even from the announcement of the participation.

The emergency service will have to be prepared for the premiere of the track list in case the fans of both artists collapse.

Other users assure that the singers will arrive hand in hand to end their emotional stability, in addition to wearing iconic outfits, as their own characteristic.

Even some of his listeners have already forgotten how he stays calm, even though absolutely no one expected such an event to actually happen, fans are eager to hear. Snow On The Beach and break the speaker or headphones.

More than music, for a part of the Internet users it considers that it reaches the level of literature, true literature that transmits deep feelings.

To provoke a lack of control, it is only necessary to announce a collaboration between two current pop icons, in addition to the fact that their songs are well known for going through a complicated love breakup.


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The best memes left by Lana del Rey’s collaboration with Taylor Swift

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