The best free music sites for videos or streams

If you start on YouTube or Twitch, you have to think of everything and even the musical atmosphere! And to avoid copyright strikes, consider royalty-free music. Here are the best sites to get it.

In the same way as films or books, music is protected by the intellectual property is the full text for the curious. We are not talking here about the music you listen to in transport on your way to work but about the music you could use in a public setting, a YouTube video or a Twitch stream for example.

Even if you would like to be able to use a soundtrack or the latest trending TikTok hit to satisfy your community, you will only be able to do so if you have permission from the author. Problem n°1, the author does not always answer, at the same time he surely receives far too many requests. Problem n°2, using “non-free” music requires a certain budget.

To remedy this, simply turn to royalty-free music. It’s not always easy to find, that’s why we offer you a list of 10 sites to download and use music in your YouTube videos or Twitch streams!

The YouTube Audio Library

If you’re familiar with the Google platform, you’ve probably heard some of your favorite YouTubers talking about the fact that some of their videos were demonetized because they used non-royalty-free music. Well to avoid finding yourself in the same situation as Attic Player, for example, head to the platform’s audio library. She is accessible from YouTube Studio, an option you get when creating your channel. question of choice, you will not be faced with an all-you-can-eat buffet but rather a meager menu. You will especially find something to make sound effects, to add rhythm to your videos for example.


Surely the most famous platform on this list. You can find everything there. From music by world famous artists to the little garage musician. Anyone can post their creations on Soundcloud to create or retain an audience. Please note that you will not be able to use all the music present on the platform. Indeed, there is very little chance that a recognized artist will grant you the right to use his production for free. But to avoid any misunderstanding, add the “Use for commercial purposes” filter. You will therefore find sounds that you can add to your projects with the credit of the author, except for exceptions mentioned by the author himself.

The operation of ccmixerIs simple. Musicians from all over the world can upload their productions and you can use them in your projects, provided you credit the authors. According to the site, you have access to more than a million royalty-free music, enough to find what you’re looking for?

Free Music Archive

Very well known in the middle of free audio libraries, Free Music Archive works the same way as ccmixter. However, not all the music you find will be usable in your projects for free. Indeed, the site offers a pro version to have access to an expanded catalog of music that you can use without any problem in all your YouTube videos and Twitch streams.


Unlike the other platforms on the list, FreePD offers music and sounds to download in the public domain. So you can use and modify them in any of your projects, and all without crediting anyone. You can always add the mention of the site or the author if it is named, but this is not at all mandatory.


This is not a music bank, but a sound bank.Freesound will therefore allow you to find sound effects to add to your YouTube videos for example. So if you want the sound of seagulls, wind or a trumpet note, Freesound is for you!


Provided you credit the author of the music you use, you can use the entire catalog ofIncompetech. For creators who have a rather specific idea in mind of what they want to share with their community, you can filter the different sounds according to their tempo (bpm) to add more or less rhythm to your videos.

On the line

Depending on the use (podcast, vlog…), the genre or the mood you want to reflect in your creation, it is possible for you to access the catalog, for the moment very little provided, toOn the line. Indeed, we are very far from the millions of sounds available on other platforms since this one only offers 171 songs. It’s not much but it allows you to narrow down your choice.


We’re not going to lie to you, we’re far from Ali Baba’s cave of free music. However, Bensound has the merit of existing and you can use the entire audio library without risk. You will simply have to respect two conditions: credit the site ( and not modify any part of the downloaded music.


Similar to FreePD, Publicdomain4u offers music in the public domain. However, the choice is not the most extensive and there is very little music to download. Too bad, but hey the site is there and you can use its sounds, why not take advantage of it?

Bonus: NoCopyrightSound

YouTube lovers surely know the channel NoCopyrightSound(literally: Royalty-free sound) which offers, for once, a very wide choice of music, often electronic that you can use without any problem in all your videos. Just follow the credit recommendations mentioned under each video posted on the YouTube channel. Some of the music posted can even become real interplanetary hits, like Alan Walker’s legendary Fade. Nostalgia.

A video that was originally posted in 2014 before gaining worldwide fame when Alan Walker used his own music to make the hit Faded in 2015. The clip has more than 3 billion views.

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The best free music sites for videos or streams

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