The Best Dresses of 2022 according to Vanity Fair Spain: from Marta Ortega to Fernando Fitz-James Stuart

Inés Domecq, Sofía Palazuelo, Carolina A. Herrera and Penélope Cruz.

Inés Domecq, Sofía Palazuelo, Carolina A. Herrera and Penélope Cruz on the list of… Reinaldo Herrera

Venezuelan by origin, he is the son of Reinaldo Herrera UslarMarquis of Torre Casa, and the writer and translator Mimi Guevara by Herrera Uslar, famous among the high society of Caracas
and from Manhattan. The journalist and aristocrat, who lives in New York, has been married since
the year 1969 with the designer and businesswoman Carolina Herrerawith whom he has two daughters: Carolina Adriana Y Patricia.

At Reinaldo Herrera’s house, interest in good taste in clothing is crucial. Something normal if your wife is one of the most relevant designers on the international scene: Carolina Herrera. Title that his daughter is not slow to inherit, Carolina Adriana, to which he awards third place. Analyzing the selection of the Venezuelan, we see that for him, elegance in clothing is closely associated with classic femininity —his list is mostly made up of women— and the cache that comes from being part of a noble class; a I don’t know quoi that generates a special aura. We observe the latter in personalities such as Letizia, Marichalar’s Victory or the marquise Agnes Domecq, his favourite. Herrera has two clear male references: Philip VI Y Raphael Medina, Duke of Fair. Both with a traditional style, a well-stocked wardrobe of suits and neatness as a shield.

Ana de Armas, Álvaro Morte, Felipe VI and Letizia Ortiz.

Ana de Armas, Álvaro Morte, Felipe VI and Letizia Ortiz and the list of… Jaime de Marichalar

Businessman, ex-husband of the infanta Helen of Bourbon and father of Victoria Federica Y Felipe Juan Froilan de Marichalar, This Navarrese, passionate about fashion, has dedicated his life to the world of business. He is a director of the multinational LVMH, a conglomerate of luxury firms to which Loewe and Fendi belong, and owner together with Frederick Y Goyo Fernandez from the men’s luxury tailoring firm B Corner.

In Marichalar’s list, the characters linked to the monarchy stand out. Among his favourites: Philip VI Y Letizia. And though his own daughter, Victoria Federicapresumes to make a career of influencer on social networks, the former du-que de Lugo has decided not to include it in his selection, despite the fact that others have. He draws attention that although in his ranking there is a clear trend towards a more conservative taste, with Sofia Palazuelo either Naty Abascal at the head, he also chooses more extravagant characters, such as the singer Rosaliathe designer Palomo Spain or the also singer C. Tangana. In addition, it looks at the style of new talents, as is the case of the artist Manu Rios; this perhaps influenced by the look of his millennial children. In addition, it includes the seventh art with actors such as Anne of Arms either Javier Bardem. In this way, the Navarrese, who divides his selection between men and women and is generous in the highest positions with members of royalty, closes his list with an amalgam of faces that triumph in today’s society not only because of their appearance but also for his talent.

Elena Ochoa, Marco Llorente, Bárbara Lennie and Paco León.

Elena Ochoa, Marco Llorente, Bárbara Lennie and Paco León on the list of… Laura Ponte

Model and icon of international style. Although she was interested in studying Fine Arts or Journalism, the Galician found professional success in the world of fashion. He has acted as a mannequin for the likes of Loewe, Valentino and Ralph Lauren. She is currently away from the catwalks and works as a jewelry and fashion designer. wedding dresses. He works in a workshop that he has set up in his own house, located in the Madrid neighborhood of El Viso.

Laura Ponte explained in an interview with the magazine fashion that for her “beauty depends on emotion, proportion and intention”. Ultimately, attitude. A common aspect in all the members of her lists, both in the men’s and women’s lists. Entertainment world personalities, such as Paco Leon either Barbara Lennie, who dare to challenge the established with groundbreaking garments, with vibrant colors and silhouettes far removed from everyday patterns. In turn, she reveals some faces to us like Marco Llorente, DJ and public relations of the communication agency The Life Crew. Also striking is the profile of the Spanish designer Baruch Heart, unknown to the general public. The couturier’s signature, for which Ponte has posed, extols national design through art and fabrics. Although in his ranking Not only are there characters from the world of fashion and entertainment: there are also decorators such as Jorge Varela (in her men’s top), editors like Elena Ochoa and gallery owners like loneliness lorenzo. Its varied selection is pure art.

Blanca Miró, Alba Galocha, Fernando Fitz-James and Victoria Federica.

Blanca Miró, Alba Galocha, Fernando Fitz-James and Victoria Federica on the list of… Ágatha Ruiz de la Prada

Fashion designer, businesswoman and aristocrat from Madrid, the Marquise and Baroness have always attracted attention for her varied aesthetic vision. One of the most important promoters of the Madrid scene, has always been closely linked to art and national culture. He started at the age of 20 as an assistant to the designer Pepe Rubio and a year later he launched his own fashion line. Since then, she is acclaimed on an international scale.

Despite his wayward and insightful style, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada he has made a measured—and infallible—selection. In her list, most boast noble titles, with a classical and moderate way of dressing. Although this does not imply that she is decontextualized. Marichalar’s Victory —for her, the best— is, since she opened her social networks to the public, a benchmark in women’s and youth fashion. In her top 3 male, the girl’s father, Jaime de Marichalarshare podium with Fernando Fitz-James (Duke of Huescar) Y Rafa Medina (Duke of Fair)whose mother, Naty Abascal, is also one of the designer’s favorites. The least expected choice (for not being related to the nobility)? Martha Ortegadaughter of Amancio Ortega and heir to the Inditex group.

C. Tangana, Rosalía, Isabel Preysler and Alejandro Palomo.

C. Tangana, Rosalía, Isabel Preysler and Alejandro Palomo on the list of… Boris Izaguirre

Born in Caracas, where he began writing at the age of 16 in a local newspaper, he is today a benchmark in the Spanish journalistic, social and television world. Their claim to fame came about after presenting magazines such as Martian Chronicles either Channel no 4. Among his many interests is a fervent passion for the world of style and fashion. Hobbies that he practices
daily, offering a refined and elegant appearance.

Izaguirre questioned two years ago in an article published in our magazine if a list of these conditions would make sense after the pandemic. He answers himself with a resounding yes from the future. Perhaps yours is the most eclectic and fun list. Classic icons of Spanish fashion such as the socialite Isabel Preysler —together with the one we could see recently in the docuseries The marquesseadvising her daughter Tamara Falcó— join with great transgressors of contemporary fashion —Rosalia or the designer Palomo Spain—. Among his favorites there is also a place for Queen Letizia, right in the middle of the classification. Although for him, in a matter of fashion, the undisputed sovereign is the businesswoman Martha Ortega, the most repeated in the selection of our exclusive jury. It is no coincidence, then, that he is at the helm of the flagship that promotes Spanish fashion on an international scale. And he does it above all wearing pieces from the firm with which his father began to walk this path: Zara.

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The Best Dresses of 2022 according to Vanity Fair Spain: from Marta Ortega to Fernando Fitz-James Stuart

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