The Argentine double of Bruce Willis is so similar that even Dua Lipa confused him

Pablo Perillo Double Bruce Willis
Pablo Perillo is an Argentine actor who bears a striking resemblance to Bruce Willis. Photo: @dobledebruce

PPablo Perillo is an Argentine actor who bears an impressive resemblance to Bruce Willis, not only do people on the street stop you to ask for photos and greetings, even many famous people have confused you; including the singer Dua Lipa.

In various interviews with Argentine media, Pablo Perillo has narrated how the experience of living as the double of Bruce Willis has been, which has led him to travel the world, meet celebrities and have contracts with various brands.

On the left Pablo Perillo and on the right Bruce Willis.

In the program “Perros de la calle” he said that at the beginning of his acting career his resemblance was such that people asked him for photos and he rejected him because he wanted to stand out for his work and he did not want to hang on to the fame of the Hollywood actor.

“At first I denied a lot, I wanted to do mine, I didn’t want to look like anyone, I denied doing something I didn’t like. Although I played characters, at every casting I went they found me the resemblance to Bruce Willis “.

Paul Perillo

In an interview with Infobae, Pablo Perillo narrated that in in 2000 he accepted his resemblance to Bruce Willis and he signed up for a TV program to find the doubles of the famous; The Argentine won and the prize was a trip to Los Angeles to attend the SAG Awards.

“It was all crazy, a limousine took me to the red carpet, I entered the place as if I were Bruce. Everyone yelled at me and took pictures of me (…) Everyone was there, from Denzel Washington to Halle Bery. When I saw Sting I hugged him and said ‘I love you’ (I love you) and he replied ‘I love you too’ (I love you too). Then Kiefer Sutherland greeted me but with a strange face. And the best of all was when I ran into Rob Lowe in the bathroom and yelled at him in Spanish, ‘What are you doing, Rob Lowe?’ He laughed and we took a picture.”

Paul Perillo

He did an ad campaign instead of the original

Pablo Perillo’s extraordinary resemblance reached the ears and eyes of Bruce Willis himself, which is why his production company hired him as a stuntman, even once performing a trip to Hungary to carry out an advertising campaign instead of the actor from “Hard to Kill”.

Perillo narrates that he lives in Panama where he has many contracts with various brands for various advertising campaigns.

The South American has clarified that he has never done a danger scene instead of Bruce Willis, but rather is a kind of double staff who went out into the ring to confuse with his physical resemblance and do other tasks.

Dua Lipa mistakes him for the real Bruce Willis

During a program by the American host Jimmy Kimmel, the singer Dua Lipa told once she saw Bruce Willis dance his song “Don’t Start Now” on TikTok and she had been very happy; until he discovered that it was the double of the actor.

He keeps in touch with Bruce Willis who has already announced his retirement.

Last March, Bruce Willis, 67, announced his retirement from acting after being diagnosed with aphasia, a condition that affects language skills, his family announced.

The actor said that through the producer and family of the Hollywood actor they continue in contact and hopes that the protagonist of “Sixth Sense” improves.

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The Argentine double of Bruce Willis is so similar that even Dua Lipa confused him

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