The aesthetic canon of the 90 Victoria’s Secret Angels and Kim Kardashian’s diets returns

To wear the mythical dress with which Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday” to John Kennedy in 1962, the socialite Kim Kardashian carried out a miracle diet to lose seven kilos in twenty days and since then, she has continued in her quest to lose weight. An action that has surprised her followers, since the Kardashian clan defends XL bodies to the detriment of extreme thinness. Although the aesthetic canon has changed, there is still room for “unattainable bodies”.

Last June 2021, the American firm El Secreto de Victoria It featured a group of women who would become part of the select cast known as the angels. The brand needed to renew itself and take a new direction, since in recent years it had suffered a decline.

The rise of the movement body-positive and the demand of the new generations had put the relevance of the firm in check. Martin WatersCEO of the brand, said: “We needed to stop paying attention to what men wanted and instead revolve around what women want.”

The new angels would no longer be just models, but for the first time, the brand would include on the catwalk members of the LGTBI collective, senior models or of large sizes. In short, women who would break with the canon of beauty that had prevailed until now in the flagship of lingerie. The innovative business strategy was welcomed by the public and even, increased their sales by 25%.

Though the famous parades were canceled Due to the wave of criticism for promoting extreme thinness and showing sexualized women, the management announced that they would return with news, however, they will maintain the essence established by its founder Ray Raymond. Are we facing a return of the mythical angels?

The Decline of Victoria’s Secret

Perhaps some will not remember it, but Victoria’s Secret began its career in the sale of lingerie in 1977, becoming one of the flagship Worldwide. His founder Ray Raymond He did not conceive the idea of ​​selling lingerie with hardly any exclusivity and for this reason, he decided to create a brand in which intimate apparel was the protagonist and whose sale was an absolute shopping experience.

Although during the eighties the firm was limited to the exclusive sale of lingerie in different boutiques in cities such as Paris or New York, the creative directors of the firm began to exploit the success in the nineties or what is known as the golden age. The parades became authentic shows and models like Tyra Banks, Laetita Casta, Karen Mulder or Heidi Klum exhibited some of the firm’s exclusive designs.

Karen Mulder at the brand’s fashion show held at the Plaza Hotel in New York in 1998.

The firm did not stop growing and the celebration of the parade was one of the most anticipated moments to discover the novelties of the brand, which continued to exploit its success during the 2000s. In each parade a special theme prevailed and the models paraded at the rhythm of artists like Justin TimberlakeBruno Mars either Lady Gaga, as if they came out of a fairy tale, were snow queens or paying their respects to exotic cultures. Although the firm achieved a success difficult to achieve by other brands, the enviable bodies of top models such as Candice Swanepoel, Bella Hadid, Adriana Lima, Elsa Holsk either Alessandra Ambrosio they soon became object of controversy.


Singer Rihanna during her performance at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2013.

The statements offered by former angels and the documentary angels or demons, which uncovered the dark side suffered by the mannequins, denigrated the firm. Some models developed eating disordersthey did extreme sport to reach the imposed measures, they suffered sexual abuse either they used drugs due to the pressure to which they were subjected. All this and together with the rise of the movement bodypositive, the firm ceased to be successful. Not everything was rosy.

Are we facing the return of the aesthetic canon of celestial bodies?

Jaime Perlman excitedly announced her latest job as creative director of the magazine More or Less. Nine former Victoria’s Secret angels from “heavenly bodies” posed in recycled garments from the Japanese brand Kesako for the cover of the American magazine. Under the headline EArth Angelstops like Alessandra Ambrosio, candice swanepoel either sara sampaio posed in front of the lens Oliver Hadlee Pearch. The cover has sparked controversy, because are we facing the return of unattainable bodies?

Currently, society is quite aware of the danger of promoting extreme thinness on the catwalk, a fact that was not given much importance in the 2000s. The giants of international fashion limited themselves to choosing models of sizes that they will not exceed 36, there was no room for measurements other than 90-60-90 and extremely thin women were preferred.

Candice Swanepoel, Elsa Hosk, Alessandra... More or Less magazine brings together 9 former Victoria's Secret Angels - Bekia Moda

Cover of “More or Less” magazine.

As a result of the awareness of this problem, the curvy models asked for passage and those fashion giants who preferred bony models signed up to integrate plus-size mannequins on the catwalks and even some of the socialites like kim kardashian they again encouraged the vertiginous curves so characteristic of the aesthetic canon of the eighties.

Kim Kardashian responds to controversy over Marilyn Monroe's dress

Kim Kardashian during the Met Gala 2022.

The Kardashians have been champions of promote XL bodies against the squalor in fashion. However, it was the American model who skipped the motto that she had defended, because for the past Met Gala She appeared in the dress Marilyn Monroe sang to her in. “Happy Birthday” to the president John Kennedy in 1962. And the businesswoman stated that she had to make a miracle diet to lose seven kilos in 20 daysan action that many followers criticized on social networks like Twitter as they claimed that “If someone has to modify their body to fit into a dress, what message does it leave to society?”. The strong socialite defender of aesthetic diversity has begun to look pretty with a few kilos less, something is changing.

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The aesthetic canon of the 90 Victoria’s Secret Angels and Kim Kardashian’s diets returns

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