The 5 most groundbreaking looks of the Carnival Drag Queen Gala

We already know the winner of the Maspalomas Carnival Drag Queen Gala in its 2022 edition. Drag Ármek and his fantasy “Is it just me, or is the world getting crazier all the time?” She has managed, three years later due to the covid, to be crowned the queen of the Carnival.

12 queens competed in the galapresented by the journalist from RTVE Canarias Roberto Herrera. The contestants had a very difficult time overcoming the groundbreaking looks that we have seen in other years and that have set the bar so high. What would Eduardo Navarrete, La Nenuco, think in her time as a drag queen, when seeing these winning outfits?

The look that raises the dead

stayed in second position in 2018 and a year later he managed to reach the top. “From Transylvania and with love” arrived Drag Mulciberwho presented in 2019 a dark and vampiric fantasy who got a lot of laughs with his jokes. Designed by Borja Ferrera, the person behind Drag Múlciber, his look started the show embodying Dracula (although nothing to do with that of Bram Stoker) to happen as if by magic to evoke another character, the empress of vampires. Under the dark jumpsuit of the king of the undead was hiding a silver beaded bikini finished off with many white and red feathers that made him stand out and win.

Drag Sethlas comes down from heaven like an angel

And from the darkness to a heavenly lookbecause only a year before Drag Sethlas managed to become the winner of the Maspalomas Carnival Drag Queen Gala dressed as an angel. His wardrobe, designed by Nelson Rodríguez and Adrián Castellano, shone in a sea ​​of ​​white feathers that were disappearing little by little throughout their acrobatic performance until it was barely covered by a jeweled thong.

The striptease of Don Quixote and Sancocho Panza

mounted on its own Rocinante made an appearance Drag Gio in 2017, turned into a very brilliant version of Miguel de Cervantes’ most famous character. The fantasy “Don Quixote on the March” also had time for “Sancocho Panza” stripteasejust before the reappearance of Drag Gio with a look with much less fabric, composed mainly of thin strips They left very little to the imagination.

A fight for victory

Grimassira Maeva won first place in the contest in 2016 with the fantasy “I’ll take you, I’ll break you, baby…”, set in a combat of boxing. A single look served to conquer all those present: although she did not win the confrontation, she did win the Drag Queen Gala thanks to her mix of powerful choreographymusic (from “Eye of the tiger” to “Papi chulo”) and striking costumes, starring the leopard print and many metallic decorations.

Tin or feather soldier?

Drag Foguen first came out of the closet of his fantasy as a tin Soldier, with an aesthetic similar to the nutcracker. Dressed in a blue jacket uniform with red shoulder pads, the look gave way to a green rhinestone set totally stunning. As if that were not enough, Drag Foguen went back into the closet and came out transformed into a little feather soldier, with feathers on headdress and hip, and left everyone speechless with a dance ending in splits. As Vulcano, winner of the 2022 Drag Queen Gala at the Las Palmas Carnival, would say, “you have to want to enjoy yourself and put on a good show”.

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The 5 most groundbreaking looks of the Carnival Drag Queen Gala

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