Taylor Swift’s secret sessions and her connection with fans

Everytime that Taylor Swift release an album is a unique event, as it has only happened a handful of times throughout human history. But that’s not all that makes music releases special. Swiftbut all the planning that your team carries out so that both the swifties like the general public, feel so excited about it that they can’t resist running to listen to the album and in some cases buying it either digitally or physically.

It is a fact that Swift It will go down in history as one of the popstars who most stood out in implementing quite efficient marketing strategies, and Mexicans are involved in these. The singer’s marketing team

implements various strategies to generate brand sales Taylor Swiftamong them, selling original autographed physical copies, booklets with the original lyrics of the songs written by hand by Swifttour tickets at good venues (but on the condition that those looking to buy correctly answer a series of questions that only the biggest fans know), tokens that appear in music videos, and more.

The charm of Secret Sessions

It is undeniable the fact that Swift has managed to generate interest in listening to and buying their records (even physical ones despite the streaming era, that is, when it is already considered strange to hear of someone who buys and consumes records, cassettes, or vinyl). One of the most controversial ways in which it has achieved this and debuted at #1 on the different charts around the world is because it involves its fans on such an emotional level, that they end up generating large social media campaigns of their own free will.

Among fans it is well known that the singer spends time on Instagram, Tumblr, and tiktok browsing the profiles of their followers, especially those with high interaction with their account. She herself has commented in various interviews that she does it with the purpose of listening to the theories about the stories of the songs, the wishes they have (for example the songs they want to become singles or the ones they want to have a music video on). the future), or simply the stories of how fans relate to the songs.

The large amount of content about Swift that fans generate in their digital accounts increases exponentially when the singer announces that a new album is coming, and this in terms of marketing, it could be said that it is a kind of free advertising campaign for her on social networks, since at to be sharing news, theories, videos, photographs about the subject, news is generated on the platforms, which could inform other users about its next release and even generate intrigue to listen to it.

The reason for the hype lies not only in the novelty of a new album, but also in the highly acclaimed secret sessions in the fandom swiftie. Starting with his fifth studio album released in 2014, 1989, Swift began to implement a dynamic that consisted of identifying a select number of her biggest fans through Instagram and Tumblr depending on the content they published about her in order to invite them to her house to meet them and listen to the new album before it was officially released. out to the public.

This decision causes a stir in networks and indirectly it is quite effective as an advertising strategy so that the general public knows about the new release and the fans wait for it with great emotion, in addition to the fact that it could be said that in a certain way it “loyalty to its customers”, or to his listeners by building an emotional bond with them by inviting them to his house to meet them and making them important by sharing an album that until now was a secret for the rest of the world.

The lucky fans who attend are given cookies or nuggets made by the same for dinner Swift and they are given an official merch kit for the album, in addition to having the opportunity to live with it personally and take pictures. But, it is worth mentioning that being an event in which a lot of confidential information is transmitted, there are strict security measures. Nancy Edid, a Mexican who has had the opportunity to attend, commented: “They don’t let you take anything with you. When

When you arrive at the meeting point they take everything from you: phone, credentials, and money. In addition to that they pass you through a metal detector before entering the house so that they are sure that you do not bring anything.

Attempts to get a golden ticket

Being such an unusual and special event that happens only when Swift releases an album, that is, approximately every 2 or 3 years, the quota to attend is quite limited compared to the demand that exists despite the fact that a secret session at each of the singer’s residences located in different regions of the United States and United Kingdom. This is why the swifties execute various strategies to be one of the winners of a

place they see as a golden Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory ticket, and the swifties Mexicans are no exception.

Ximena De La Isla, who considers herself a total swiftie Mexican, added that without a doubt attending a secret session It is one of his biggest dreams: “Without a doubt, it is one of my biggest goals. I think that a characteristic of fans is wanting to meet those people they admire and I would dare to say that we are the fandom that most aspires to meet Taylor because we know that it is very possible thanks to the secret sessions”.

For her part, Nancy Edid, who was one of the swifties lucky Mexicans to attend the secret session from the sixth studio album Swift, reputation, added that she was chosen for her interaction with the singer on the Tumblr platform, as it is well known by many fans that this is one of her favorites. Even there, it was the only social network in which she published her letter explaining the public conflict that she had in 2019 with Scooter Braun regarding the unexpected purchase of the masters of her catalog.

Among the fans, it is believed that being constant in the publication of content is the key to being seen by Taylor Nation (the administrative team of Swift) or even by the singer herself, but in Edid’s words, it didn’t work that way for her: “Those moments come when you need it most. It happened to me when I was going through a situation in my family with one of my grandmothers, and a lot of what I did was use the chat taylor as relief to write what I felt. And although I didn’t know if I read it or not, I think I managed to get the attention of taylor by me using that place as a diary.”

Armando Valencia, swiftie Mexican, added that he tries to constantly interact with the official page of Swift on the different platforms despite the fact that sometimes there is no response: “There are many times that I have tried to get a like or whatever, but I understand that there are many people who participate”. Along the same lines, Grace Vázquez, who is also part of the fandom in Mexico, comments that she has never tried to participate to attend: “they are always in the United States and I feel that I would not have a chance.”

Taking up De La Isla’s words, she assures that despite the number of participants around the world, she tries to stand out to be selected: “I have to say that I think it’s a year-round job and not just when it’s coming up.” a premiere or something. I say this because for taylor The selection process for fans is very important as she seeks to ensure that they are people who truly support her and who have not met her before in order to give more fans a chance.”

Later, he added: “Of course you can have the great luck of opening your account a month before and still be invited, but it can also be that taylor I’ve been watching you on social media for a year and you don’t even know it. Finally I consider that everything swiftie that has a presence as a fan in any social network or in all possible social networks, does so with the purpose of being noticed by taylor and to be invited to these great events”.

It is worth mentioning that not only individual fans seek to be noticed by Swift but also in a group. For example, in the taylor Swift Nightthe people who are part of the official fan club of Swift in Mexico recognized by Universal Music called all the fans who were at the party to sing the songs “August” and “All Too Well” at the top of their lungs, since they are some of the most loved by them and by the general public . For this, they requested special energy since they would be recording it to publish it on social networks to seek that it reach the eyes of taylor Nation or failing that, Swift.

Taking advantage of the occasion of the party, many of the fans cosplayed iconic looks of the singer in video clips, galas and tours through the years to take photos and post them on their social networks (many on their accounts dedicated entirely to their idol) with the intention of generating interaction with the official accounts and thus aspire to be seen, get a like, be reposted, or be considered as candidates to attend the next secret sessions.

The surprise of finding Mexicans

To date in 2022, Swift He has not performed live on Mexican soil for part of any of his individual tours, so many fans in Mexico have had to travel to get the experience of one of his concerts. This situation has generated discussion within the fandom regarding whether Mexicans are just as remarkable or visible to the singer, which is why many considered it almost impossible to be invited to an event as special as the secret sessions.

However, Edid comments that in the session she attended, the singer told her that there was one more Mexican person but he lived in the United States.

He also added that he knew that in the secret session from Nashville there was another Mexican. “I would recommend to Mexicans that first of all, do not lose faith. taylor She has us very present, she knows that we are waiting for her. The second thing is that they tag a lot Taylor/Taylor Nation en the posts they want them to see. Lastly, treat her like her personal friend, tell her what’s going on because you never know when she’s listening,” she added.

In the same way, he considers that although many think so, Mexicans are not exempt from being part of this type of event: “It is true that historically fewer Mexicans have attended, but I do not think it is a limitation of the country. It’s a bit unpredictable who they choose, I don’t know. It is also true that Taylor Nation it does not cover any of the travel expenses, so it is something to consider for anyone (Mexican or not) who is invited.”

Finally, Edid commented on the behavior of the fans at the event: “people are super respectful of taylor. When he entered, all the people who were there, we stayed in our place, literally waiting for his directions. Also, she takes her time with each person. She doesn’t rush anyone, she grabs your hands and won’t let go unless you let go of her first.”

The greatest wish of swifties without a doubt it is to be recognized by the singer, and Mexicans are ready to be part of that experience. Valencia added: “I hope that one day there will be the possibility of being able to attend, whether I do one in Mexico or if by chance I happen to be in one in the United States. It would represent something huge, since I feel that it does not invite many people from other countries.”

For her part, De La Isla says she has not lost faith in being one of the lucky Mexicans to attend at some point: “Without a doubt, the Mexican fans and the

Latin Americans in general have it a little more complicated due to the issue of social network algorithms and things like that, but the truth is that I currently see it as much more possible than before. I think knowing that there are people who already

they achieved, it shows us to others and gives us hope that one day we can be us. It would be a great opportunity to highlight the country and Latin America to let them know taylor who also has support here.”

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Taylor Swift’s secret sessions and her connection with fans

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