Taylor Swift’s lesson after her breakup that can be very useful to Shakira after ‘Session #53’

Music is the perfect reflection of our different states of mind and when one finds his better half or suffers a painful sentimental breakup, it seems that the catalog of our songs is summed up in love and breakup songs. A way to share your pain with your audience and sing to the rooftops about the good and the bad of a person or a relationship, and it has become more than clear to us after the bombing of Shakira Y bizarre.

The topic has reached 30 million views in less than 1 dayjust a few hours on the street, is on its way to being the most listened to in the history of music. Of course, he has hit the magic formula key: controversy and urban rhythms, the kind that are now being marketed.

After the release, there have been many people who have criticized Shakira for speaking ill of her ex-boyfriend. Whom CHAIN100 We wanted to rescue a video in which Taylor Swift He says some very wise words in two interviews, and that is that his message has yet to reach a lot of people.

If there is a queen of love and breakup songs, it is Taylor Swift. The singer has had various relationships with musicians, actors, DJs and her music has been nourished by her emotional state at all times, and that is why she has been criticized on numerous occasions, and she takes the opportunity to tell the world this message :

“’Oh you know, she only writes songs about her ex-boyfriends‘. And frankly I think that that’s a very sexist angle to take. no one says that about Ed Sheeranno one says that about Bruno Mars. They all write songs about their exes, their current girlfriends, their love life. And no one raises a ‘red flag’ there,” Swift says, criticizing those people who only criticize female artists.

she thinks that In the eyes of many, if a boy shares his experiences in letters, he is ‘brave’, but if he does, she is too open, and she’s too emotional, or maybe she’s crazy, and she added with some anger “’Watch out! she’s going to write a song about you ‘…but that joke is so old and it comes from a place with such sexism”.

This message has come to light again, on a day when this issue has resurfaced on social networks. Is it better to keep the fury of the breakup inside or that everyone do what they want and monetize their breakup if wants? That answer is personal and subjective to each one, but what we do know for sure is that the ‘#Session 53‘ by Shakira and Bizarrap we loved it.

On ‘Session 53’, the topic that everyone is talking about

This theme could be third leg of a shortlist to sing to his broken love story, but also the confirmation that he is turning towards much more electric and urban rhythms. We say holding it in both’singles‘ with which it devastated in 2022 and for which it used the collaboration of two of the most significant urban figures on the international scene at the moment. started with ‘I congratulate you‘, beside rauw alejandro. A creation in which, although those darts to the former Barcelona soccer player were already noticeable, they were subtle and loaded with elegance.

Later, and with the invaluable collaboration of ozunathrew ‘Monotony‘. Already the initial winks with the video clip fragments throwing a heart and stepping on it They gave clues that what was to come was going to be tremendously hard and loaded with hints.. We were not mistaken and, once again, the reproduction counter was in the millions. Now, you may have closed that circle. Or not. We will see where one of the brightest stars in the musical universe of recent decades has taken his steps. Has she already released all the emotional ballast she was counting on?

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Taylor Swift’s lesson after her breakup that can be very useful to Shakira after ‘Session #53’

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