Taylor Swift Reveals ‘Midnights’ Release Schedule With Two Singles Announced

In the absence of four sleepless nights to get our hands on Midnights, Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album, the singer has once again set off social networks. And it is that the Tennessee one used the early morning of this Monday, October 17 to reveal the calendar of events that we will have to pay attention to this premiere week, which includes many surprises.

In this Midnights Manifesto, on October 20 we will attend a first teaser trailer that will be released during the third quarter of Thursday Night Football on Prime Video and at midnight on Friday, our six o’clock in the morning, we will witness the launch of Midnights. Much had been speculated on social networks and among fans about the arrival of a single prior to the release of the album, but finally Taylor Swift will follow the strategy of the release of Folklore, Evermore and Red (Taylor’s Version) to offer us Anti-Hero, the main single, on October 21whose video clip will be released at two in the Spanish afternoon, eight in the American morning.

Does it turn in sight?

In between? The arrival of a very special chaotic surprise, which is expected to be the announcement of his international tour throughout 2023. Why is it expected like this? Because Nathan Hubbard, CEO of Ticketmaster, also tweeted during midnight on Monday a code message, “*chaotically* surprise!”, which is directly related to the words used by Taylor Swift; in addition to the constant rumors of the return of the soloist to the stage during the next year.

On October 22 and 23, Taylor Swift simply asks her fans to play the album and head to their local record stores to buy it. Midnights is also expected to have one of the best opening weeks for an album this year with album pre-sales already exceeding 400,000 units in the US.

His appearance on The Tonight Show Of Jimmy Fallon on October 24 and the release of the second single on Tuesday, at the time unknown, mark the beginning of the coming week. Finally, this calendar ends on Friday, October 28, when Taylor Swift visits The Graham Norton Show to continue promoting the project.

What is speculated among the fan theories that this second single will be? Watchman Shit, Well, along with Anti-Hero, they were the only two titles whose ads in Midnights Mayhem With Taylor were revealed with the singer holding her famous red phone upside down.

With so much information and excitement in the air, Taylor Swift has made sure that we don’t get a day off around her new album. And we love her.

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Taylor Swift Reveals ‘Midnights’ Release Schedule With Two Singles Announced

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