Taylor Swift receives an honorary doctorate in New York: “Sometimes you will be wrong. I also”

On Wednesday morning, the 32-year-old American singer Taylor Swift has received a doctorate honorary cause in Fine Arts from New York University. A prestigious recognition with which the educational center has wanted to honor the brilliant musical career of the artist, who has accumulated a total of eleven Grammy awards (and 42 nominations). The interpreter has attended the graduation ceremony, which has taken place at the Yankee Stadium, located in the New York neighborhood of the Bronx, dressed in a cap and a purple robe.

“The last time I was in a stadium this size, I was dancing in heels and wearing sparkly leotards. This outfit is much more comfortable.” This is how the singer started a 20-minute speech in which she has told personal anecdotes and about her career. “To all the parents, family members, mentors, teachers, allies, friends and loved ones here today who have supported these students… let me say: welcome to New York. [en referencia a una de sus canciones, Welcome To New York]. It has been waiting for you.”

Taylor Swift, during her speech at the graduation ceremony of the University of New York, in Yankee Stadium, after receiving the honorary doctorate, this Wednesday.JUSTIN LANE (EFE)

The singer continued, giving a motivational speech addressed to the students. “Life can be difficult, especially if you try to carry everything at once. Part of growing up and moving on to new chapters in life is about letting go. Decide who you want to be and get rid of all the negative. I have good and bad news: life is something that totally depends on you”.

Swift also reflected on her rise to fame, recalling the warnings she received along the way. “I grew into a young adult as she got the message that if she didn’t make any mistakes, every child in America would grow up to be the perfect angel. However, if she slipped up, the whole earth would go off axis of her and it would be entirely my fault and I would go to pop star jail forever and ever.”

The singer advised the graduates not to be afraid to follow their “instincts” and assured that making mistakes is inevitable. “Sometimes you will be wrong. I’ll do it too. And when it does, you will most likely read it on the internet,” she joked. “Difficult things will happen to us. We will recover. We will learn from it. We will be more resilient because of it.” Finally, the interpreter concluded her speech with a nod to her successful song 22. “I hope you know how proud I am to share this day with you. We are doing this together. So let’s keep dancing like we’re… the class of 2022.”

The artist has acknowledged through his Instagram account that it was his first time donning a cap and gown, and he has shared a video of himself preparing for the graduation ceremony. The clip ends with the singer posing in front of a banner, next to a cage full of books, while her father takes photos of her.

Last March, New York University announced through a statement that Swift would receive the honorary title, referring to the singer as “one of the most prolific and celebrated artists of her generation” and naming some of her career achievements, including being the first female artist to win the Grammy for Album of the year three times.

Receiving an honorary doctorate was something Swift had wanted for a long time. In a interview for the US edition of fashion in 2016, in which the singer answered a long list of questions for the header, she was asked to name a goal that she wanted to achieve during her career. “I really want a doctorate honorary causebecause Ed Sheeran has one, and I feel that now he belittles me because I don’t have one, “he replied, referring to the recognition that the also singer and friend of the artist received in 2015 from the University of Suffolk, in the United Kingdom.

In addition to awarding her the honorary title, New York University launched a course on the performer at its Clive Davis institute at the beginning of the year, specializing in education related to the music industry. Taught by the journalist of the magazine rolling stone Brittany Spanos, the course addresses the interpreter’s career and her influence both on society and on other current artists such as Olivia Rodrigo or Billie Eilish. “I hope that students learn to appreciate that type of composition and listen to it and understand it beyond the way in which the public has shaped it,” said the journalist in the American media NYU Local.

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Taylor Swift receives an honorary doctorate in New York: “Sometimes you will be wrong. I also”

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