Taylor Swift finishes revealing all the songs on her album with a collaboration with Lana del Rey

The day has come: Taylor Swift has finally revealed all the songs from her tenth studio albumMidnights, after almost three weeks in which on alternate nights we have been discovering and making theories about the different titles that make up these thirteen sleepless nights of the singer.

The one from Tennessee does not stitch without a thread and, after having revealed each of the last five songs that remained on the list, she has published the cover again on Instagram with the names of all the songs with the following message: “What is it that keeps you awake at night? Only 13 more sleepless nights until Midnights (and their 13 stories)“.

Again, one obsession with the number 13 which Taylor Swift has never denied but which is also evident in the meaning of the songs she has explained after this nightly bingo, Midnights Mayhem With Me. And it is that if she revealed the meaning behind the Anti-Hero song, the third on the album, a couple of days ago, This morning I published a new video to explain the reason behind Lavender Haze, the first one on the album. Family? By putting both songs together, the number 13 is also formed.


“Lavender Haze is the first song on Midnights, and I came across this expression when I was watching Mad Menand I looked it up because I thought it sounded cool, and it turns out was a common phrase used during the 1950s to explain being in love. If you were in a lavender haze, it meant you were in this all-encompassing bubble of love, and I thought that was really beautiful.” He began by explaining how he came up with this curious concept.

“And I think, theoretically, when you are in this state you would do everything possible to stay there, without letting anyone take you down from that cloud. And I think a lot of people have to deal with that now, not just ‘public figures’, because we live in the age of social media and if the world finds out you’re in love with someone they’re going to go for it. Like my relationship for six years we’ve had to dodge weird rumors, tabloid headlines, and just ignore them. So this song is about the act of ignoring all of that in order to protect what’s really true. I hope you like it”.

Collaboration with Lana del Rey

In this way, It’s clear that the first song on the album will focus on her relationship with actor Joe Alwyn., to whom he has already dedicated a multitude of topics throughout their relationship. And yet, Taylor Swift left the big surprise for last, the last title revealed, the song number 4, Snow On The Beach, will be a collaboration with Lana del Rey.

A dream come true for many of their fans that makes another swiftie theory come true after the publication of a photograph of the two together with Jack Antonoff, producer par excellence of most of their albums.

13 sleepless nights left to listen to this very special album. We couldn’t be more excited!

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Taylor Swift finishes revealing all the songs on her album with a collaboration with Lana del Rey

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