Tavares and Stellantis offer Lancia the means for its resurrection

Out of sight, out of mind, goes the saying. However, it will soon be five years since French, German, Spanish, Belgian or Dutch consumers have heard the name Lancia mentioned on the radio or on television. The Italian manufacturer has indeed withdrawn to its national market in 2017, where it only sells its small Ypsilon assembled in Poland.

Luca Napolitano is therefore embarking on a difficult bet. “Lancia will relaunch itself in Europe as an ambassador of Italian elegance, with three new models including two electric by 2028”, declares the new boss, supported by the director of the Stellantis group, Carlos Tavares. The latter requires its premium brands (Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Maserati and DS) to contribute 11% to the group’s revenues in 2030, compared to 4% today.

Three new Lancias to cover 50% of the European market

As early as March 2021, just after the merger of PSA and FCA, John Elkann, Chairman of the Board of Stellantis confirmed on an Italian television set that Lancia was going to access development resources which had until then been refused to it. . The following November, Luca Napolitano drew up a roadmap for Lancia which provided for three new models, the launches of which would be staggered between 2024 and 2026.

This program has since undergone some adjustments. The strategic plan presented this Friday, May 20 postpones the launch of the third model to 2028, the date on which Lancia intends to sell 100% electric cars exclusively. “We are in no rush,” says Luca Napolitano. “Approved by Carlos Tavares, our strategic plan spans ten years. We are going to take the time to do it right.” Including appointing “a few exclusive distributors” in each of the main European markets, in combination with the development of online sales.

Lancia promises a clear move upmarket, including for its Ypsilon city car

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Tavares and Stellantis offer Lancia the means for its resurrection

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