Tapa and Beer Route in Seville: 37 bars, concerts and surprises for the customer

In the month of beer par excellence, when the most international festival of this drink is celebrated, the Oktoberfest, Beers Alhambra proposes in Seville a Tapa Route that will not go unnoticed. 37 bars, breweries and restaurants in Seville will pay tribute from this Monday, September 19, until October 2, to that which is so ours of tapas. They will do it hand in hand with the most traditional gastronomy accompanied by the perfect pairing, beer. The perfect combination (food plus drink) will not be alone in this action and, as there are no two without three, the music will enter the scene with concerts live in the member establishments, among some more surprises for customers participate in the initiative.

At the inauguration of this Ruta de la Tapa, whose motto is Savor without haste, at the Tourism Ofce in Marqués de Contadero, have been present Antonio Jiménez, manager of Contursa; Javier Manchón, representative of Hospitality XXI and collaborator of Hospitality of Spain; Ignacio Bárbulo, regional director of hospitality at Mahou San Miguel in Andalusia; Rafael Centeno, chef with a Michelin star collaborating with Cervezas Alhambra, and the hoteliers participating in this edition, who have been given the personalized jackets.

Michelin star chef He has recognized that he is “passionate about Andalusia and everything that has to do with its gastronomy. In fact, my roots are Andalusian since my great-grandparents were from Seville”. The cook will be one of those who will enjoy these days of a route that “allows our cooks to be ambassadors in their land through typical elaborations of the area”.

“To value the beauty of the simpleof the cover, it is about”, described the representative of Hospitality XXI, Javier Manchón. “A simplicity with many layers of depth that in these 37 establishments they are capable of doing virguerías with it”.

The Ruta de la Tapa in Seville and concerts

Sevillians and tourists who want to participate in this Ruta de la Tapa Savor without haste will be able to enjoy the caps designed for the occasion. An exclusive product that will be paired with Alhambra Lager Singular.

Those who choose to have tapas in one of the 37 establishments from Thursday to Sunday, from September 22 to 25 or from September 29 to October 2, will have the privilege of enjoying the tapas experience in the company of music. Professional musicians from different disciplines will tour a large part of the premises adhering to the campaign, surprising customers with their talent. Thus, they will participate artists as the accordionist Virginia Moreno; the guitarists Ian Scionti (flamenco jazz) and Paul Laborda (jazz manouche), the classical guitar and clarinet duo of Proyecto Ocnos and the acoustic guitar duo, made up of Juan Miguel Martín and Juan Luis Lara, Yesternow Dúo.

The representative of Cervezas Alhambra, Ignacio Bárbulo, has also commented that all those who taste these tapas will also be eligible for an extra prize: fifty invitations worth 20 euros with which to continue savoring other dishes from the gastronomic offer of any of the establishments participating in the route.

“With Savor Seville without hastethe beer brand wants to contribute to promoting the reactivation of hotel establishments Sevillians, giving visibility to the quality of its attractive gastronomic offer and encouraging the public to visit them, always responsibly, to thus help their recovery, and that they can continue offering unique experiences in their leisure time”, added the brewery.

37 bars and restaurants participating in the Ruta de la Tapa de Sevilla

The Cervezas Alhambra gastronomic experience He defends that there is a story behind each gastronomic project or moment, from the conception of the idea to the execution. The brand always values ​​those creative processes that pay attention to ingredients, processes and techniques, final creations and collaborations with experts. Hence the constant support and close relationship of Cervezas Alhambra with the hospitality industry since its origins, an indissoluble union for the brand from Granada. On this occasion, 37 catering establishments have joined the Ruta de la Tapa initiative with a gastronomic proposal that will be served from September 19 to October 2:

  1. Terracotta (Councilman Alberto Jiménez-Becerril Avenue, 2, local 8). Cover: Vitello Tonnato.
  2. The terrace (Calatrava Street, 12). Tapa: Salad.
  3. Tapas Duo (Calatrava Street, 10). Tapa: Cordovan salmorejo.
  4. Chifa by Nazca (Calatrava Street, 6). Tapa: Mediterranean niguiri.
  5. The bedroom (Santa Clara Street, 65). Tapa: Chicken pie.
  6. The Badulaque Bar (Alameda de Hercules, 54). Tapa: Muscatel pork rib with baked baby potatoes.
  7. Piola Bar (Alameda de Hercules, 57). Tapa: Mixed tuna sandwich.
  8. I hope Tapas and Wines (Relator Street, 38). Tapa: Croquettes of goat cheese and caramelized onion.
  9. The Badulaque Grill (Alameda de Hercules, 37). Tapa: Creole snack.
  10. The skinny girl (Tournament Street, 35). Lid: Skinny.
  11. Alcázar Andalusí Tapas (Peris Mencheta Street, 22). Tapa: Homemade mushroom croquettes.
  12. pure fire (Alameda de Hercules, 56). Tapa: sandwich of cheeks.
  13. The blacklist (Fair Street, 64). Tapa: Risotto.
  14. La Locanda di Andrea (Fair Street, 52). Tapa: Mini aubergine parmigiana.
  15. Hotel Sacristy Santa Ana (Alameda de Hercules, 22). Tapa: Beetroot hummus.
  16. Pisco Tapas (Brokerage Street, 1). Tapa: Ají de gallina.
  17. Fatouch (Fair Street, 33). Cover: Kafta swimming.
  18. The Pelican Bar (Pelican Square, 2). Tapa: Seafood potatoes with caramelized onion and crystal prawns.
  19. ANDl Sardinhero (Plaza San Lorenzo, 15). Tapa: Pringá brioche.
  20. royal balcony (Plaza Puerta Real, 7). Tapa: Chicken cupcake.
  21. Jechura Center (Plaza Villasis, 1). Tapa: Andalusian salmorejo, with Iberian ham shavings and boiled egg.
  22. Bread and Circus (Rivera Street, 11). Tapa: Candied artichoke flower with fried garlic, Iberian ham and chamomile reduction sauce.
  23. Taperia Alcaiza (Slope of Rosario, 13). Tapa: Garlic prawn risotto on oil cake.
  24. Marble Bar (Muñoz y Pavón Street, 16). Tapa: “Potato” omelette with salmorejo.
  25. lamadrid (Madrid Street, 8). Tapa: Toast with orza loin on a salmorejo base.
  26. Picalagarto Tavern Coffee (Hernando Colon Street, 7). Tapa: Cheek with Picalagartos.
  27. German Jechura (German Street, 7). Tapa: Andalusian salmorejo, with Iberian ham shavings and boiled egg.
  28. Jechura Constitution (Constitution Avenue, 22). Tapa: Andalusian salmorejo, with Iberian ham shavings and boiled egg.
  29. Murillo’s Corner (Lope de Rueda Street, 8). Cover: Murillo Palette.
  30. Wines and Tapas The Station (Cadiz Avenue, 29). Tapa: Crispy aubergines with salmorejo and cane syrup.
  31. the fiaca (Aviator Ruiz de Alda Square, 5). Tapa: braised bondiola and spicy sweet potato purée.
  32. Ta’Kool Mexican (Walk of Delights, 5). Tapa: Chicken tinga volcano.
  33. Triana, Cafe Bar (Castile Street, 73). Lid: Sea grenade.
  34. Cafe Bridge of Boats (Castile Street, 71). Tapa: Chicken tears.
  35. polished bar (Pagés del Corro Street, 98). Tapa: Tortilla trianera.
  36. Al-Andalus Gastrobar (Vicente Flores Navarro Street, 18). Cover: Andalusian legacy.
  37. Pier 21 Restaurant (Avda. Santiago Montoto s/n. Seville Aquarium Building). Tapa: Mille-feuille of oxtail, caramelized apple, alboronía and potato.

The list of establishments and more information about the route can be found at wesdetapas.com.

Alhambra Beers

Born in the city of Granada in 1925, and since 2007 part of the 100% Spanish family company that is the leader in the beer sector in our country, Mahou San Miguel, Cervezas Alhambra has been brewing high-quality beers for decades through meticulous brewing processes. craft character. It has a range of ten beers: Alhambra Reserva 1925, Alhambra Reserva Roja, Alhambra Reserva Esencia Citra IPA, Alhambra Singular, Alhambra Especial Radler, Alhambra Tradicional, Alhambra Sin Lager Singular, Las Numeradas and Las Lentas, noted for their exceptional quality and flavor. unique. For more information visit the corporate website of Cervezas Alhambra: www.cervezasalhambra.es.

Mahou San Miguel

Family beverage company, 100% Spanish and leader in the beer sector in our country. Dispose of 10 brewing centers –eight in Spain and two in the US–, four water springs and a team of close to 4,000 professionals. It produces more than 70% of the Spanish beer that is consumed outside of Spain and is present in more than 70 countries.

It has more than 130 years of history beginning with the birth of Mahou in 1890. In 2000 Mahou acquired San Miguel, in 2004 the Canarian brand Reina, in 2007 Cervezas Alhambra and in 2011 diversified its business by incorporating Solán de Cabras. As of 2019, she is a majority shareholder in North American craft brewers Founders Brewing and Avery Brewing.

It has a wide portfolio of national beers, where Mahou Cinco Estrellas, San Miguel Especial and Alhambra Reserva 1925 stand out, as well as international beers. It has innovative and category-creating products such as San Miguel 0.0, San Miguel ECO or Mahou Barrica; natural mineral water brands, such as the iconic Solán de Cabras, and has entered the cider segment with La Prohibida. It has also been a pioneer in the sector in launching its e-commerce: Tienda Mahou San Miguel.

With a focus on people and on contributing to the economic and social progress of our country, it is a supportive company that channels its social action through Mahou San Miguel Foundationcreated in 2013.

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Tapa and Beer Route in Seville: 37 bars, concerts and surprises for the customer

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