#studio3: Diamond Dog, the melancholic and loving punk

The group Diamond Dog brings a melancholy and bewitching punk to the set of #studio3. Between The Cure and Schubert, meeting with four Dijonnais with the soul of poets.

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A painted look, a crystalline voice, overheated guitars… A few measures are enough to dive with the four Dijonnais of Diamond Dog in a punk universe inspired by the 70s and 80s.

The shadow of The Cure and The Cramps is never far away. Antho, Anthony Bellevrat of his real name, admits to being very influenced by these groups but he listens to many other artists. Starting with the one who gave his name to the group: “Diamond Dog is a reference to an album by David Bowie, Diamond Dogs, released in 1974 I believe. This album tells of a dystopian future in which there is a band of androgynous drug addicts who sow chaos in an Angrycity.”

Bowie is a totem to remember to reinvent yourself : “In his artistic process, I find a lot of interesting things: the fact of having had different avatars throughout his career, of having always pushed back his limits and tried things even if it was a bit overwhelming. mouth.

To compose, Antho draws on his love for classical music: “My influences are very broad. I really like 19th century music. I try to weave links between different sensitivities, different emotions, as with Schubert and Franz Liszt. It seems a bit far but there are a lot of elements that can be reinterpreted. I also like the instinctive writing of Alain Bashung or Nick Cave.”

Even if he founded the group to produce music in his image, Antho recognizes that Thibaud, Eliott and Jules responded immediately in 2020: “Very quickly, we started working in fours and everyone was able to put their paw to it.”

I really like 19th century music. I try to weave links between different sensitivities, different emotions, as with Schubert and Franz Liszt.

Anthony Bellevrat, lead singer of Diamond Dog

Diamond dog’s rock is deeply melancholy. His songs, with cinematographic writing, are often inspired by other artistic works. “Blue roses” originated from a poem by Rudyard Kipling, “I want pluto to be a planet again” is inspired by a short film. Both tell doomed romances.

On the sensitive chord, Antho’s voice responds to the punk musical flights of Eliott and Jules. She takes us to a dystopian world where love is impossible.

Cinema is important in Anthony Bellevrat’s universe: “I really like Terry Gilliam and also David Lynch, of course. There’s an esoteric side to it and it’s transcendent. You can love it or hate it, and sometimes you love it. We don’t know why, but we get caught up in their ways. to tell stories that is not formatted but precisely that feels good.”

No wonder this dreamlike and vaguely disturbing universe sticks to the bewitching atmosphere of Diamond dog.

An album in 2013

Diamond Dog will release their first album in March 2023. Entitled “Usual chronicles“, it will include the ten titles of the group and will appear on the labels EMB Blanc Records
(Germany) and Wave Records (Brazil).

In the meantime, the group skims the scenes of the region. He took part in the September Burgundian Novosonic Festival which promotes new talent. It will be at the beginning of November crossroads festival of Roubaix.

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#studio3 was produced by the France 3 Bourgogne teams:

  • Director: Vincent Chapuis
  • Video technicians: Jean-Renaud Gacon, Agathe Collignon and Patrick Genevois
  • Sound: Antoine Bergey and Hugo Leduc
  • Lights: Jean Picard
  • Cameramen: Jean-Philippe Beulaygue, Pierre Ferry and Laurent Soyer
  • Script: Anne Bruynooghe
  • Infographics : Cyrille Fouquin
  • Editing: Valerie Jonnet
  • Journalist: Tiphaine Pfeiffer

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#studio3: Diamond Dog, the melancholic and loving punk

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