Stromae: the singer collaborated with Kanye West and Coldplay!

Stromae panics the counters with Multitude. The singer looks back on the craziest moments of his career. With Colplay as a highlight.

He started as a sound engineer, he ended up doing the news for TF1 after feats with Kanye West and Coldplay : Stromae has done almost everything… With Konbini, he explains his trajectory. MCETV tells you everything.

A career full of surprises

Because the Belgian has always wanted to make music. But, “at 18, it’s time to choose a job”. And his relatives do not seem convinced. “Everyone tells me that, in music, there are very few chosen ones. And it is true that there are very few. »

As always, he must therefore adapt… And “I tell myself that I will do the sound work”. Stromae thus finds a way to combine his job with his passion. At least until a turning point. I find myself on an internship at NRJ. And there, I meet people. »

The singer has not forgotten the people who helped him get started. “And there I meet Julie, from NRJ, but she is no longer there. And she fights for me. Then there it starts, So we dance, and then the dimension we know. »

A planetary success which therefore stems from a career choice. Because yes, Stromae has a planetary career. He thus tells Konbini two of the craziest moments: the collabs he had the chance to do with Kanye West and Coldplay.

The artists are indeed part of the idols of the Belgian. “Me, when I started, I tried to imitate them…” But there, it is the stars who put themselves at his side. At the time when he “looking for collabs to develop the song in the USA.

Stromae: when Kanye West arrives…

In effect, “So we dance hit the headlines in Europe”. His team is therefore looking for international stars who could make the song (and the artist) known in the United States. “And there Kanye West agrees to do his verse”. A guaranteed success…

Except, what Stromae doesn’t know is that Kany West will (as often) do more. During a festival where the Belgian performs, the American star arrives. “So in Coechella, I sing So we dance, it starts. And then someone comes on stage…

A surprise that gives way to immense joy. ” I tell myself ‘there’s only one guy in the USA who can land on So we dance’. And it was him. So you see me jumping two meters because I’m so happy. »

A first dream come true for Stromae. But then comes a second, as he explains to Konbini. Because he establishes a relationship with Chris Martin, singer of Coldplay. Shakira introduced him to my musicso already, it’s a delirium…”

“He speaks French very well, and there he says to me ‘I’m going through the Brussels stadium, do you want to come?‘ And there he sings ‘Great’…” A crazy moment. Because Coldplay also sings Bastard, “a title lost in the depths of the album”.

Stromae then discovers that Colplay knows his music. And the band loves it. “Then after, when I was composing more, Chris Martin sends me a song. He asks me: ‘can you translate it?’ then ‘can you sing it?’ Incredible. »

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Stromae: the singer collaborated with Kanye West and Coldplay!

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