Stop the war, asks Roger Waters at his first concert in Mexico

“Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin should go to a bar and sit down to talk,” he said. Roger Waters during the first of two concerts that offers in the Mexico City.

The Two suns themewhich talks about a nuclear war, was the piece he took to make this call to peace and warn about how close we are to reaching midnight, in the so-called “doomsday clock”.

Almost two hours earlier, a city in ruins, full of sleeping zombie-like humans, was the first stop on the journey through which he took his audience fromThe Palace of Sports.

“Two warnings”, cried out a voice prior to the start of the concert. “Number one, turn off your cell phonesand number two, all those who are fans of Pink Floyd, but do not agree with the policies of Waters, chin&#@ your mo@$& and go to the bar now “.

With the songs Another brick in the wall, Powers that be and Bravery, he denounced the abuses of power committed against minorities and, enhanced with a bright red color, showed the faces of the leadersamong which Donald Trump and Joe Biden stood out considered criminals.

The 360 stagedecorated with a cross shaped screensallowed no one to miss the opportunity to see it from the front. “So much singing made me thirsty”said Waters, so took a good drink to the bottle that according to its label was mezcalwhich adorned his piano.

“Thank you very much to everyone who bought their tickets to be here. This means a lot to me,” he said in a slightly hurried Spanish, but which allowed him to shout with joy: “Hurray Mexico!”.

The old and new times mixed at the next stop on his journey, taking a tour from the 60s to the present, with the themes The bar, Have a cigar, Wish you were here and Shine on you crazy diamond.

A special guest made her appearance on sheepIt was about one giant sheep floating in the airs and walked around the room, while on the screens appeared messages against animal cruelty.

Time to rest with a short intermission of almost 20 minutes. A flying pigwith the legends Fuck the police and They steal from the poor to give to the rich, announced that the singer’s return was near.

like a whole rock star, Waters reappeared to the rhythm of In the flesh, dressed in a black leather jacket and wearing dark glasses.

The political protests continued with Déja vu, Money, Us and them and Brain damage, themes that served the British for edemand the release of Julián Assange, respect for human rights and speak out against racial discrimination and the community LGBTQ+.

“This has been very moving for me and my band, I promise. We’ve been doing this for 14 weeks and we always look back at each other and say ‘wait until we get to Mexico.'”Said Roger, thanking the affection of his audience and the people who worked on the show.

Roger said goodbye with the second part of his theme The bar and another round of Another brick in the wallbut not before taking another sip of his drink. “Mezcal is healthy and delicious. Thanks for being here tonight,” he reiterated.

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Stop the war, asks Roger Waters at his first concert in Mexico

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