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10 October, 2022 7:22 pm
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Metallica Y Journey joined by “Enter Sandman” and “Wheel in the Sky”, Electric Flames premieres the video for “The Night is Ours”, Kaipa announces the first ever vinyl release of ‘Notes From the Past’, double sphere reports its participation in the Molina Rock City Festival poster, with Mägo de Oz and Saratoga among others, Ambröxx activates the reservation of his new single, “Spoöky”, Enbor Arnasa shows his new compositions, crazy zombie will present his new drummer at the concert with PulseY Eloisa de Castro premieres “Safo de Lesbos. Oda a Eros” with Jorge Salán and Andy C.

Metallica and Journey united by “Enter Sandman” and “Wheel in the Sky”

Two of the greatest American bands of all time, Metallica Y Journeyjoined in the night of the past Thursday, October 6in the paradise hawaiiwhere it was possible to see Kirk Hammettguitarist of those from San Francisco, joining the band of Neal Schön to perform two songs.

“Wheel in the Sky” of Journey and “Enter Sandman” of Metallica were the songs chosen for this special date, within the second of the Schon concerts at the Neal S. Blaisdell Arenasituated in Honolulu.

As the guitarist and leader of Journey has commented, “Had a great time with Kirk Hammett (Metallica) last night at Journey’s second show at the Neal Blaisdell Center in Honolulu, Hawaii. We jammed ‘Wheel’ and ‘Enter Sandman’ together.”

For his part, Hammett has also shared an image on his networks in which we see the two guitarists together: “Had a great couple of days with Neal and the guys from Journey. Thank you so much for having me jam on ‘Wheel in the Sky’. It was super fun, hope to see you again soon. Big aloha!”

Electric Flames premieres the video for “The Night is Ours”

Madrileños Electric Flames They show us the video clip that introduces us to the band mixing images of their live download with others “stolen” from some of their rehearsals. In this video clip we enjoy the theme “The Night is Ours” while we meet the Olivia “Leppard” Vera (voice), Oscar “Arizona” Chavez (guitar), Dave “Malibu” Gascon (bass), Nach “Lightnin’ Vegas” Gomez (battery) and Tote Bag “The Leftie – Thunder” Cano (guitar).

Kaipa Announces First Time Vinyl Release of ‘Notes From the Past’

It’s been 20 years since Swedish progressives Kaipa released their sixth studio album ‘Notes From the Past’and this twentieth anniversary will feature the release of this historic work, with which the band resumed activity two decades later, on vinyl for the first time.

The album, which will also reach digital platforms, will be available next December 9but you can book at this link.

This remastered edition has been presented with a video in which we can see how the work of those of Hans Lundinwho has commented that this disc “It is an important milestone in my life and it was the beginning of a new chapter in Kaipa’s history. A meeting with new musicians who would become members of the band and create music history through all the following albums that we’ve released. I’m very proud of this album.”

Kaipa also recently released his new album, a ‘urskog’ which is available on CD, double LP and CD, and digital format in this link.

Doble Esfera informs about its participation in the Molina Rock City Festival poster, with Mägo de Oz and Saratoga among others

The days October 14 and 15 will take place on II Molina Rock City Festival In the town of Molina de Segura, Murciawith two days in which you can enjoy the performances of Mägo de Oz, Saratoga and Howitzer as heads of a poster in which we also find the Murcians double spherewho continue to resume the truncated path of presenting the album ‘Future’, Animal Seed, Leviathan either Hard Love.

Tickets for each of the days of this festival They are for sale at this link..

The friday the 14th will be performing: Saratoga, Leviathan, Hard Love, Trohyx and Hyden.

The saturday 15 It will be the occasion to: Mägo de Oz, Howitzer, Double Sphere, Animal Seed, Knibal, Evil Seeds and Cockoroch.

Ambröxx activates the reservation of his new single, “Spoöky”

After surprising us with an album of the stature of ‘A moment in my mind’, the versatile and imaginative project led by Antonio Fonseca, Ambroxxadvances us the moment to reserve his new single, “Spooky”, in which the theme takes us to the nearby Halloween holiday.

We speak of a rhapsody, “with different parts that accumulate and end up culminating”which will be available on all platforms next October 14th. The reservation so that no one misses this single that the artist himself lists as his “weirdest and most extravagant song”and that “it really sucks”in addition to highlighting the amount of vocal harmonies and guitars that await us, it is already available at this link.

Enbor Arnasa shows his new compositions

Last summer we announced Inaki Espartza his return to the studiofrom where we now receive a new video in which the brain of Enbor Arnasa shows us the advances of the new material to which he is shaping, this time with “Ibilbideko zuhaitzen biloben ondoan”.

You have to remember that ‘Ilunari Argia’his most recent release until the next material arrives to collect the witness, allowed us to learn more about this project in this interview.

Crazy Zombie will present its new drummer at the concert with Pulso

As we started reporting a few days ago, the roads of crazy zombie Y Pulse will join next saturday november 26 on the Even room in Seville with those of Nidhöggcompleting a tremendous lineup for which tickets are on sale sale in this link. The appointment will also have a special moment to crazy zombiesince it will be the presentation for his new drummer, Javier Camposwho has been a member of evasion either Wild Krashin addition to having passed through a tribute to Dream Theaterwhich gives a good example of the quality of this musician.

It must be remembered that Crazy Zombie continues with the presentation of the album that gives its name to its tour, ‘Crystal Reality Tour’that started last januarywhile Pulso will be presenting their EP, ‘Wild’. A party that will be joined by a new date of ‘Reconquest Tour’ of Nidhögg.

Eloísa de Castro premieres “Safo de Lesbos. Oda a Eros” together with Jorge Salán and Andy C.

After announcing the launch of the EP ‘Gineco’, with which it will be presented Eloisa de Castrothe philosophical metalhead who has coined the term filometal to define the path of her music, we already received a sample with “Sappho of Lesbos. Ode to Eros”a song that has had the collaboration of the guitarist Jorge Salanand with the battery Andy C (Lods of Black, ex-Saratoga).

Carlos Escobedo (Sober) Y Xavier White they are found behind the musical composition and the symphonic part to which Eloísa has put lyrics and voice.

It must be remembered that the studies Cubewith Alberto Seara and Carlos Escobedo at the helm, have been the stage for the recording and mastering of these symphonic-influenced songs that will be presented under the cover he has made Natalia Enemede.

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