Star Wars: Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Rumored to Appear in Obi-Wan Kenobi’s New Series

Yesterday was May 4th, also known as Star Wars Day. From this day, a most interesting rumor came out, originally published by Star Wars News Net (via loudwire): Flea, bassist for Red Hot Chili Peppers, could have a cameo or a role in the new series of Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, which will be released on Disney+ on May 27.

According to this source, the rumor is that Flea would carry a flashy blaster pistol in his appearance in the series. What is not known is the magnitude of Flea’s role in the series, although the truth is that it would not be the first time that we see the cameo of a well-known personality in the Star Wars franchise. As if that were not enough, the idea of ​​​​seeing the bassist becomes stronger when we consider his previous appearances on the small and big screen: ‘Back to the Future’, ‘The Big Lebowski’, ‘Psycho’, ‘The Chase’ or ‘Baby Driver’ They are just some of the tapes in which we can see the artist.

As if that were not enough, the director of ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’, Deborah Chow, was the director of the video clip that was the first preview of ‘Unlimited Love’, “BlackSummer”which was released earlier this year.

‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’, with Ewan McGregor re-enacting the role of Anakin and Luke Skywalker’s master, will tell the story of what happened to the Jedi Master between episodes III and IV of the saga, once the Empire and Darth Vader they have consummated their ascent and young Luke has been hidden from their clutches on the distant planet Tatooine. On the day of its premiere we will be able to enjoy two chapters that will be released at the same time.

Meanwhile, Flea is also gearing up for a tour that will be “out of another galaxy.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers will visit Spain this summer, more specifically on Saturday, June 4, in Seville, and on June 7, in Barcelona.

A$AP Rocky and Thundercat will be the guest artists accompanying Red Hot Chili Peppers on both Spanish dates.

New from Red Hot Chili Peppers

‘Unlimited Love’ is the new Red Hot Chili Peppers. The new Red Hot Chili Peppers album -the first with John Frusciante since 2006’s ‘Stadium Arcadium’- has been produced by Rick Rubin, who has already worked on ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’ (1991), ‘Californication’ (1999), ‘By The Way’ (2002) and the previously mentioned ‘Stadium Arcadium’.

About the new album the band says the following: “Our only goal is to lose ourselves in the music. We – John, Anthony, Chad and Flea – have spent hundreds of hours, collectively and individually, perfecting our craft and showing it to each other to make the best album we could. With our antennas tuned to the divine cosmos, we were so grateful for the opportunity to be in a room together and once again try to improve. We spend days, weeks and months listening to each other, composing, freely improvising and arranging the fruit of those improvisations with great care and purpose. The sounds, the rhythms, the vibrations, the words and the melodies had us spellbound.”

“We long to shine a light on the world, to uplift, connect and unite people. Every song on our new album ‘Unlimited Love’ is a facet of us, reflecting our vision of the universe. This is the mission of our life. We work, focus and prepare so that when the biggest wave comes, we are ready to ride it. The ocean has given us a powerful wave and this album is the ride that is the sum of our lives. Thank you for listening to it, we hope you enjoy it”.

For his part, Frusciante has said the following: “When we started writing material, we started playing old songs by people like Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson, The Kinks, The New York Dolls, Richard Barrett and others. Little by little, we came up with more ideas, turning improvisations into songs, and after a couple of months we were already playing the new material. The feeling of fun that we have had playing other people’s songs has been maintained while we were writing. To me, this record represents our love for – and faith in – each other.”

The songs that are part of ‘Unlimited Love’ are:

02. Here Ever After
03. Aquatic Mouth Dance
04. Not The One
05. Poster Child
06. The Great Apes
07. It’s Only Natural
08. She’s A Lover
09. These Are The Ways
10. Whatchu Thinkin’
11. Bastards Of Light
12. White Braids & Pillow Chair
13. One Way Traffic
15. Let ‘Em Cry
16.The Heavy Wing
17. Tangelo

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Star Wars: Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Rumored to Appear in Obi-Wan Kenobi’s New Series

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