Star tattoos: an overview of famous tattooed women and their inspiring designs

Celebrities, whether French, British, American or otherwise, have always been able to surprise and impress us, even shock us. From outrageous outfits to extravagant hairstyles, notorious people attract all eyes and cause various gossip. Their tattoos are not excluded from this generalization – it is indeed these interesting designs that caught our attention. Focusing on the ladies, we offer you a zoom on the star tattoo from all angles.

In our list today, we have selected mainly singers and actresses, most of whom are American (of various origins). Naturally, there are tattooed women who do not fit into these categories… However, we had to include them in our gallery of trendy tattoos as sources of inspiration. So, without further introductions, here is our roundup on the quirky, attractive, meaningful, enigmatic or otherwise worthy of admiration star tattoo!

Star tattoo inspiration: what are the best models?

lady gaga star tattoo multiple designs on shoulder blades

The trumpet inside Lady Gaga’s bicep symbolizes her great love for music

lady gaga star tattoo trumpet inner arm biceps music

Apparently Megan Fox is passionate about Shakespeare because she got a tattoo of a King Lear quote

tattoo star megan fox quote king lear We will all laugh at gilded butterflies

French singer Alizée Jacotey and her cool manga and anime style arm drawings

tattoo star french singer Alizée Jacotey drawings arm manga style animated

Gorgeous singer Lana del Rey has several lettering tattoos in various places

tattoo inspiration of star lana del rey interior hand lettering

What do you think of its inscriptions “Trust no one” and “Paradise” on the sides of the hands?

star tattoo lana del rey trust no one paradise inside hands

The actresses of the television series “Pretty Little Liars” opted for the initials of their characters

tattoo of star woman actresses pretty little liars finger microtattoos

Can you guess who is carrying these little drawings? It’s Kelly Osbourne!

star kelly osbourne tattoo on hand without you without you

The British singer who is currently expecting a baby has more bold tattoos

star tattoo idea kelly osbourne solidarity shaved side head

Star tattoo: Scarlett Johansson has multiple patterns all over her body

scarlet johansson star tattoo pictures roses backless dress

She is a fan of symbolic animals and roses which she wears on her back and ribs

tattoos of the stars actress scarlet johansson roses dimensions breast

Scarlett often wears dresses with cutouts specifically to display her designs

what are the top tattoo of star scarlet johansson owl on the sides

The bracelet she has on the hilt has a Mjöllnir (Thor’s hammer) charm.

tattoo scarlet johansson bracelet handle hammer charm Thor Mjöllnir

You can probably guess which is the famous Barbadian wearing this constellation…

star tattoo rihanna drawing small stars neck back shoulder blade

Of course, it’s Rihanna and it’s not her only star tattoo to proudly display!

star tattoo rihanna designs ankles shark eagle henna hands

Australian animator Ruby Rose is also known for her multitude of color tattoos

australian rose ruby ​​star tattoo multiple full body arm designs

Katy Perry and her “Go with the flow” lettering in Sanskrit on the inside of the upper arm

star katy perry go with the flow sanskrit inner upper arm tattoo

Aside from her sakura tattoos for the Met Gala, Cara Delevingne has more than 20 designs on her skin

tattoo photos of star Cara Delevingne sakura chinese birds

Among the most notorious are the yantra patterns on the back and the diamonds on the ear.

tattoo photos of star Cara Delevingne neck yantra tattooed ears

The snake skeleton on his hand and finger is one of the most interesting to mention

Cara Delevingne snake skeleton hand tattoo pictures

Cara also eternalized her mother’s name, Pandora, inside her bicep.

photos tattoo of star Cara Delevingne name of her mother Pandora biceps

And if you think 20 tattoos is too much, extravagant Miley Cyrus has over 70!

miley cyrus star tattoo pictures 50 small arm tattoos

OK, they’re basically microtattoos, but they’re full of personal meaning.

star miley cyrus tattoo over 50 designs arms legs

Portraits of loved ones, names of friends, small symbols and song titles are in the spotlight

miley cyrus star tattoo multiple small chest arm designs

In fact, small symbolic tattoos are among the favorites of many famous ladies.

star tattoo tattooed woman Caroline Receveur fingers grip symbols

Caroline Receveur combined them with floral motifs on the forearm and dates in Roman numerals

Caroline Receveur tattoo of star famous woman tattooed forearm biceps

American actress Hilary Duff is another celebrity who can boast about 20 tattoos

star tattoo meaning hilary duff has over 20 tattoos

The popular Texan loves minimalist style designs that aren’t too flashy

micro star hilary duff tattoo minimalist heart hilt

She has a small wishbone on her forearm which is also known as a “wishbone”.

female star tattoo hilary duff inside arm ideas celebrities

Finally, it’s Drew Barrymore’s adorable star tattoo: her daughters’ names on the hilt

star tattoo drew barrymore names girls handle ideas celebrities

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Star tattoos: an overview of famous tattooed women and their inspiring designs

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