Sorority, feminism and revenge: the debates that Shakira’s new song has generated

When Shakira and Piqué announced their separation last June, after 12 years together and two children together, Milan and Sasha, memes began to circulate on social networks saying that nothing has united Latin America as much as the support for Shakira in his tusa.

The barranquillera has thanked him after seeing what songs how I congratulate you Y Monotony, which also allude to his ex-partner, top the reproduction lists of almost all South American countries. ”Thanks to all my people! Every time I had a hole in my chest, it was you who with your love and understanding helped me repair it, ”she wrote after launching Monotony. And this Tuesday, was not going to be the exception.

This morning, the journalist Vanessa de la Torre in W Radius He asked his listeners for their opinions on Shakira’s new song with Bizarrap, which in less than 16 hours has more than 32 million views on YouTube. The hundreds of comments from the listeners did not wait: “Shakira, my queen of shade. God bless you”, “A spectacular epic goddess”. To which another she replied: “My queen. Spectacular, it invites the empowerment of women”.

For her part, the former beauty queen Gabriela Tafur wrote on her networks: “I am worth two out of 22, you traded a Ferrari for a Twingo, you traded a Rolex for a Casio, damn shake”. Even the cartoonist Vladdo made reference to the fashionable song: “Tremendous song by Shakira, along with Bizarrap. And she did not lower Pique’s price, ”he commented on networks.

the tens of tweets who returned to Shakira and her trending song in various countries, were by women between the ages of 20 and 30 who consider themselves strong and empowered, but above all, who are never going to be manipulated by a man in a dependent relationship again. And now, of course, they’ll listen to Shakira, if they haven’t before.

“You changed a Ferrari for a Twingo, a Rolex for a Casio” or “women don’t cry anymore, now they bill”, are some of the phrases of the song most quoted in networks. The issue has had such an impact that even the official Casio watch page decided to change the description of its watches online and now says: “Maybe we’re not a Rolex, but at least they haven’t left us for Clara Chía.”


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Shakira has always used the lyrics of her songs to talk about her private life, and in some cases to vent about her previous partners. For example, before she finished with the Argentine Antonio De la Rúa la barranquillera, she dedicated What else, of the disk the sun rises. For her part, the Shakira expert, the Colombian writer Amalia Andrade, explained in her networks the machismo and classism that there is in the comments of the people who told the singer to stop singing about her ex-partner and out of it to the psychologist.

“If they knew how much classism and machismo there is in the comment that he better go to therapy. Of course, because the decent thing is to duel without much noise and because singing about heartbreak is being crazy or attracting attention. In addition, he assured that if it was a man who had made the song, he would not be judged. “It is divinely for people to cry and experience heartbreak in solitude and with dignity. And if it is a woman, even more necessary. Men, they, can sing their heartbreak as they please, in rap or ballad. Being Luis Miguel or The Weeknd”, Andrade said on Twitter.

Last year, another Colombian had been a trend for another session from Bizarrap made with the Puerto Rican singer Residente, with a rap in which they attacked J. Balvin. And now Shakira arrives with the session 53, where, in the Resident line, he skins Piqué.

Without a doubt, Shakira (Barranquilla, Colombia, 45 years old) is the biggest star that has contributed to the BZRP Music Sessions. In her first interview, after breaking up with Piqué, the singer assured Elle magazine that she was in “one of the most difficult and dark hours” of her life. In addition, she explained that for her, writing music was “like going to the psychiatrist” and hers was “a shipwrecked table” for her. A few words that show that the artist is going to use her songs to tell how the separation has lived and the reasons that led them to make the decision.

It remains to be seen what will happen with the custody of their two children and what the future life of each of them will be like. Although it seems that they go their separate ways: he with the desire to stay in Spain and she to move to the United States. It will be in the courts where everything will be decided in case they do not reach an agreement.

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Sorority, feminism and revenge: the debates that Shakira’s new song has generated

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