Sony Alpha 7 Mark III and Mark IV: these two packs will convince you to get serious about photography

Want to get serious about photography this fall? Fnac is offering two great offers on Sony’s best full-frame mirrorless cameras until October 18, the Sony Alpha 7 Mark III and Mark IV.

With its rich colors and diffused light, fall is the perfect season to put a new camera through its paces. That’s good, until October 18, Fnac is offering two offers on the excellent Sony Alpha 7 Mark III and Mark IV full-frame hybrid cameras.

Sony Alpha 7 Mark III: sensor stabilization and tropicalization on the program

In the range of Sony Alpha, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. There are the Alpha 7s, designed for video and the Alpha 7R more designed for professional photographers with higher sensor definitions. The Alpha 7, meanwhile, bring together the best of both worlds with great performance, both in the spectrum of definition and sensor sensitivity.

On this Mark III version, we thus find a more than complete case, and exceeding in compactness, performance and functionality quantity of competing devices. And this, while the product was launched in 2018. This shows how much Sony masters its subject.

Versatile, the Sony Alpha 7 Mark III is therefore a camera designed for all types of photography. With a 24.2MP 24×36 sensor with an ISO range of 100-51,200 (expandable to ISO 50-204,800 for stills), it can handle all types of bright environments.

It is also efficient in all types of climates thanks to the tropicalization of the case. This ensures, by the presence of specific seals, that the device can be used in the rain or in high humidity conditions (as in the tropics for example).

1665796641 167 Sony Alpha 7 Mark III and Mark IV these two
Lightweight and versatile, the Sony Alpha 7 III is equipped with an extremely compact 28-60mm zoom. // Source: Sony

High-performance autofocus

To ensure sharp images, the Japanese manufacturer has also stabilized the sensor on 5 axes. Note also the presence of 693 phase detection focus spots and ultra-efficient autofocus (AF) tracking.

Sony is indeed known on its boxes for the quality of its autofocus tracking, and in particular the eyeAF, which keeps the focus on the subject’s eyes, even if they are not looking directly at the camera. A significant asset in portrait photography.

1665796642 518 Sony Alpha 7 Mark III and Mark IV these two
The focus of the Sony alpha 7 III is very efficient. // Source: Sony

For sports and wildlife photography, the Alpha 7 III’s burst is particularly effective with up to 177 high-resolution JPEG images, 89 compressed RAW images or 40 uncompressed RAW images. In silent shooting, it is also possible to go up to 10 frames per second.

1665796643 966 Sony Alpha 7 Mark III and Mark IV these two

Currently at Fnac, and until October 18, the Sony alpha 7 III is available as a pack including two brand lenses: a 50mm fixed focal length f/1.8 aperture, a very good lens for beginners in photography and a 28-60mm f/4-5.6 zoom, versatile if you want to do landscapes and a little macro photography. The pack is finally embellished with an additional battery so you never run out of energy in the middle of a photo shoot.

Sony Alpha 7 Mark IV: the most successful camera available on the full-frame market

The latest model in the Sony Alpha 7 range, the Alpha 7 Mark IV is a concentrate of versatility. Building on the specificities of its predecessor, the new full-frame case from the Japanese manufacturer provides the finishing details that the most demanding users could miss.

We first go from a 24 to a 33 megapixel sensor. An evolution which, if it seems light in theory, brings a lot when you zoom in to 100% in the image.

1665796645 644 Sony Alpha 7 Mark III and Mark IV these two
With a 33-megapixel full-frame sensor, the Sony alpha 7 IV is positioned as one of the best cameras in its class. // Source: Sony

Another fix provided by this new box: better color management. A detail that takes on its full meaning, especially in portrait photography. The rendering of skin colors is indeed often a sticking point which requires, among photographers, rigorous calibration. Sony, with the Alpha 7 IV, facilitates post-production by providing better color accuracy when shooting.

Tenfold performance

On the autofocus side, several notable developments should be highlighted. Sony first implemented the function focus map which allows you to view the depth of field in the electronic viewfinder or on the viewfinder. Thanks to a play of colors, the device can, at a glance, highlight the exact area of ​​focus on the image. A good way to never miss your photos when the optics are wide open.

In addition, Sony’s Eye AF, a must-have for the manufacturer, has been further improved. If until now, autofocus tracking had proven itself on human eyes, and those of our four-legged friends, today, Sony offers an Eye AF capable of following the eye of a bird. A feat that should delight amateur ornithologists as well as professionals, for whom focusing on an animal, almost always in motion, is extremely difficult.

Finally, on the video side, the Sony Alpha 7 IV offers excellent performance which should allow amateur videographers, as well as professionals, to provide perfectly calibrated sequences of very good quality, and that at the card output. It should be noted, for example, that this latest version makes it possible to film in 4K at 60 frames per second, taking into account all the pixels.

It is also possible to switch to oversampling at 7k when the box is filming at 30 frames per second. To finally cash in on this tsunami of data, Sony offers two SD card slots including a hybrid suitable for the CFexpress Type A card. A good point for photographers outdoors who need massive, fast storage, and who like to abuse their memory cards.

1665796646 509 Sony Alpha 7 Mark III and Mark IV these two

A box purchased, 200 euros discount on the optics

Until October 18, Fnac offers a perfect pack for those who wish to change their caseor finally switch to Sony: for the purchase of the case and with a lens selected by Fnac Experts, you get a 200 euro discount! Among the lenses available, we find in particular the Sony FE 24 mm f/2.8 or the Sony FE 50 mm f/2.5. The first will be a perfect lens for landscape photography, as for the second, it will adapt without worry to portraits.

An offer designed for those who would like to start building up a fleet of Sony lenses with the best camera in the range, or photographers who already have Sony equipment and want to upgrade their camera and buy an additional lens.

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Sony Alpha 7 Mark III and Mark IV: these two packs will convince you to get serious about photography

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