Soniq Island 2019 – Day 1

The first day of the sixth edition of Île Soniq was quite an adventure. Despite the storms that delayed the programming, festival-goers had a lot of fun on Friday.

For the first time in 3 years, the festival has returned to its original site at Parc Jean Drapeau, which has since been renovated. The land has 3 different stages where artists played various styles of electronic music. At the main stage (Oasis), we heard a lot of house, at the Bud Light stage it was more rap or trap, and the Neon stage was the place for dubstep.

Sound issues and fickle weather

One notable improvement the organizers have made for the festival is that the neon stage has taken the place of the old Bud Light stage, allowing it to be a little bigger. In turn, the Bud Light stage took the place of Heavy MTL’s main stage, allowing it to be bigger as well. Unfortunately, this stage size had no correlation with the volume of the sound.

It’s a cliché to say that at music festivals the sound is never loud enough, but it’s true to say when festival-goers in the middle of the crowd can easily have a conversation during the last acts of the evening. Even sadder is that the new speaker installations in front of the Oasis stage weren’t even used.

Another difficulty that the festival experienced was the thunderstorms. The organization had to stop programming twice during the day for security reasons, even one of the times was 30 minutes during the allocated time at the end of Kaskade and the beginning of Marshmello. With the wind and rain many people decided to leave early as it was way too cold.

Marshmello, Alan Walker and Kaskade set the mood

As for the shows, the majority were of excellent quality, if we put aside the fact that you had to be in front of the stage so that the sound was louder than the conversation of the people nearby. Special mentions go to Sullivan King, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Alan Walker and Kaskade.

Sullivan King, who loves to merge his roots in metal music with his dubstep music, completely stirred up the crowd by playing a set that featured many unreleased songs. Midnight Tyrannosaurus did the same with their very unique and violent style of dubstep. Alan Walker and Kaskade had the whole crowd singing along to the lyrics to their songs and had a nice variety of musical genres they played on stage.

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To talk about Marshmello, you have to say that people would have enjoyed his show more if it hadn’t been for the rain. Only those who really wanted to see it stayed because it was discouraging to be cold and not hear the music well. From another point of view, the visual effects during his set were incredible, among the best we’ve ever seen in Île Soniq.

In short, the festival-goers had fun during the first day of the festival, but they all hope that there will be good weather and that the organizers will dare to turn up the sound on Saturday because that is all that was missing at the festival.

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Soniq Island 2019 – Day 1

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