Songs – Lynda Lemay in concert at the Maison de la Culture in Clermont-Ferrand

Out of fashion, timeless, the river songs of Lynda Lemay unfold a unique style that Charles Aznavour admired. The Quebecoise is back in France for a series of concerts and as many communions with the public.

A crazy tale

Bright. Lynda Lemay has this remarkable character that gives meaning and relief to her songs. They spin like our lives, between darkness and brightness, from laughter to tears. What the person sums up with “Life is a crazy tale”, name of her new singing tour and much more. Lynda Lemay has indeed started a “completely crazy” project, the biggest project of her life: Once upon a time… That is eleven albums of eleven songs, which she will give birth to in 1111 days.

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Laugh or cry?

A slap is at the origin of this assumed madness: “There was an urgency to live after my dad left in 2017. It was also a moment in my career where a little challenge has its place. But in fact, it’s freedom that I went looking for with such a delirious and broad project. I don’t stop myself. I let myself be touched by everything. I go to things that I had never touched before for lack of time. As part of a normal career, we make an album, we promote, we choose the songs that will touch the most. I’m known for making people cry or making people laugh. But all my new songs have the right to be between these two extremes today. They reveal all the colors of my creativity. And afterwards, we will see if some are successful.

A lesson in Quebec by Lynda Lemay

Eye to eye

As an example of this newfound freedom, just before this interview, Lynda Lemay wandered in a Heavy metal delirium, in the studio, in the company of her faithful Claude Pineault, her guitarist/pianist/backing vocalist (who follows her on tour). Freedom and pleasure… “And I hope that this pleasure will be contagious. It is on stage that my songs live best. In the presence of the public, my interpretations are always more beautiful than what I can manage to do in the studio, even by putting all my heart into it. It’s called love, trust, complicity. And then I can more easily express my humor which balances the difficult themes of my songs. Do you have to make life beautiful?! I am quite lucid in my songs, I sometimes evoke terrible things but the fact of living all this together, it helps to face them. Lynda Lemay obviously has a good background. She also maintains form with concerts that can last three hours during which she responds to requests for titles made by her fans on Facebook. “So we make songs eye to eye. »

Practice. Concert Tuesday, May 17, 8:30 p.m., at the Maison de la culture in Clermont-Ferrand. Prices: from €45. Safer

Pierre-Olivier Febvret

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Songs – Lynda Lemay in concert at the Maison de la Culture in Clermont-Ferrand

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