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A professional life can hide others.

According to a study conducted for the Salon SME, a quarter of employed French workers are “ slashers »

Childminder/illustrator, salaried webmarketer/digital coach, head of department/chocolatier, training manager/VDI… 6 million French people exercise a 2e activity generating declared income, in parallel with their main activity, i.e. 2 million more than in 2016. This is revealed by the study carried out in June 2022 by Creests for the Salon SME, organized on September 19 and 20 at the Paris Congress Center.

Being a slasher is therefore not a fad but a growing social phenomenon, with France drawing closer in this respect to the United States, a country in which the 2e activity or the moonlight businesses (activities generated in the moonlight, outside paid working hours) have long been integrated into the daily lives of Americans.

The appearance in France of a new term, still English, “ side project », (for employees), also suggests this development.

slasher » (sometimes Frenchized in « slasher ”): this word popularized in 2007 in the United States by Marci Alboher with her book “ One Person, Multiple Careers and referring to the oblique bar (slash in English), entered French dictionaries (Le Robert, Larousse) about ten years later. This demonstrates its speed of adoption and therefore the extent of the phenomenon of dual professional activity in our country. A 1D A study conducted for the SME Show in 2016 by the same institute with the same methodology had highlighted this phenomenon. The 2022 study sheds new light on this social phenomenon.

  1. The number of slashers has increased sharply, going from 4 to 6 million French people between 2016 and 2022. 6 million is a quarter of employed workers !
    The rise of the auto-entrepreneur regime (65% on average of business creations), the simplicity of managing a micro-enterprise through new, often digital solutions (neo banks, smartphone applications, internet platforms to find customers…) and the consequences of the health crisis (new organization of work with in particular teleworking for 20% of French people, ) are the main explanations for this boom.
  2. Increase income (motivation of 67% of slashers), earn income from a hobby or passion (29% of slashers), prepare for professional retraining (11%), test a business creation idea (7 %) or gradually becoming their own boss with the complementary activity (6/%) are the main motivations of slashers.
  3. Revenues generated by the 2e activity are very variable…
    46% of slashers indicate an average net monthly income of less than 300 euros,
    37%, an income between 300 and 1,000 euros,
    14%, an income between 1,000 and 3,000 euros,
    And 3%, income over 3,000 euros.

    -# And correlated to the time spent on the 2e activity.
    A distinction can thus be made between occasional slashers (the 36% who exercise their complementary professional activity less than 5 hours per week), regular slashers (39%, between 5 and 10 hours per week) and intensive slashers (25%, more than 10 hours per week).
    In the latter case, in particular, vigilance is essential so as not to exceed the physical and mental limits in the exercise of this dual professional activity.
  4. Doing dual duty is overwhelmingly a choice of slashers.
    Completely chosen: 62% of respondents:
    Rather chosen: 34%
    Rather suffered: 3%
    Totally suffered: 1%
  5. The “ long run slashers (additional activity carried out for more than 3 years) represent 20% of the total and the neo-slashers » (less than one year) 36%.
  6. Customers of this 2e activity are individuals for 67% of slashers.

    Slashers also work for companies (38% of respondents) and associations (16% of respondents).

    (NB: several possible answers to this question)
  7. While word of mouth and the network, cited by 63% of respondents, are still the most frequently used means of finding customers, internet platforms (38% of cases) are ahead of internet marketing – social networks, word purchases keys, website, e-commerce…-(with 23% of cases) and points of sale, fixed or itinerant (8%).

    This shows how internet platforms (for freelancers, personal services, services to individuals, rental of real estate, sale/purchase on the internet, deliveries, etc.) have become the “ commercial armed arm » slashers.

If the 1D motivation in 2022, as in 2016, remains by far the search for additional income, being a slasher brings independence in the choice of activity, customers, workplace and mode of organization. In short, being a slasher also brings professional freedom, which could increasingly arouse the desire to set up on your own as your main activity. This growing porosity between employment and entrepreneurship fuels the entrepreneurial transition, i.e. the gradual evolution from a society of permanent employees to a society of freelancers and full-time or part-time entrepreneurs. says Alain Bosetti, President of the SME Salon.

The Salon SME 2022, organized on September 19 and 20 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, after 2 100% digital years, will give pride of place to slashers and more generally to freelancers and business creators, to help them get started and develop. their activity

Conference dedicated to slashers:

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SME trade fair study – 6 million employed workers have a second activity – TendanceHotellerie

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