Sigrid breaks out the guitars on “Bad Life” with Bring Me The Horizon

Sigrid is ready for the rest of her career and offers the title “Bad Life”, in collaboration with Bring Me The Horizon, new single from his latest album. Discover the title on aficia.

Sigrid, here is a name that may mean nothing to you. And yet, the Norwegian popstar already has a sublime album called Sucker Punchreleased in 2019. This pop bomb contains in particular the title “Don’t Feel Like Crying” but especially the thundering “strangers”. This piece of formidable efficiency allowed the artist to go beyond the Norwegian borders and experienced a big hit in UK. The piece has toured a lot on French radios as well. This opus of the artist with the very youthful face was acclaimed by critics, to the point that his return was more and more expected. It was in 2021 that Sigrid began championing the successor to Sucker Punch.

Released on May 6, 2022, his long-awaited second album How To Let Go marks a major development. The first excerptMirror”, released in 2021, remains in a pop vein. Then it’s “Burning Bridges” which took over a few months later. This piece is intended to be a transition between the harshly effective pop of Sigrid and rock, which has been more and more present in recent months. In order to accompany the release of the album, the Norwegian artist offers a third extract, undoubtedly one of the best titles released this year.

A powerful rock ballad

And straight away, the featuring with the metal band bring me The Horizon sets the tone. “Bad Life” is a powerful rock ballad of rare beauty and success. The track begins on the piano on the first verse of Sigrid and the second of BMTW. Then the voice of Oliver Sykes flies away in scents of tasty guitars. The percussions quickly take over for a piece between vocal power and instrumental flights. “Bad Life” tells the story hard times and especially to have the impression that we will never stop feeling sad. We can feel these emotions beautifully through the voices of the two artists, which are heartbreaking. Moral: It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.

Sigrid and the band Bring Me The Horizon met at a festival in england in 2021. A collaboration seemed obvious to them. The instrumental of the piece is signed by the group which then joined the singer of 25 years for the writing. The video illustrating “Bad Life” allows them to exteriorize their emotions through an overexcited and very powerful dance, all in the storm. This last track is a great springboard for the How To Let Go disc. We strongly advise you to look into it and discover Sigrid’s lively and powerful voice. The title oscillates between pop, rock and poignant ballads.

Check out “Bad Life” by Sigrid and Bring Me The Horizon:

Note that Bring Me The Horizon is one of all the collaborations at the moment. After a stint in pop on “Bad Habits” byEd Sheeranthey are present on the very good title “fallout” from the rapper Masked Wolf. BMTH will be in concert on July 5 in Lyon. As for Sigrid, it will be possible to applaud her at La Cigale on June 13 in Paris.

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Sigrid breaks out the guitars on “Bad Life” with Bring Me The Horizon

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