Short square bobo cut: 9 examples of stars who love this hairstyle

Do you know the short square bobo cut? For a few years already bob style cuts have become super popular. This beloved 90s hairstyle is back! And if you’ve never tried it, fall-winter 2022-2023 is the perfect time to do so. The proof: lots of celebrities wear or have already worn the bobo short square and we love it! It’s a style that allows you to remove split ends, give your hair a nice shape and make it look more voluminous! In addition, the short square goes to everyone! Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez or Margot Robbie: get inspired by these stars for your next appointment at the hairdresser!

Halle Berry’s short bob bob cut

During the Oscars in 2021, the lovely Halle Berry appeared wearing a beautiful dress and an even more beautiful cut: the short square bobo cut. This was a super short, blunt bob that everyone loved. And if you’re looking for a style that can completely transform your look, the square cut meets these criteria well. Complete with micro bangs: another very big trend for the season.

The short square bobo cut of Jennifer Lopez

short square bobo cut by Jennifer lopez fall trend

We often associate the star Jennifer Lopez with her beautiful long and wavy blonde balayage hair. And yet, the beauty took the plunge by opting for a super blunt and truly impressive short bob. And it suits her very well by highlighting her beautiful eyes and her cheekbones!

Cate Blanchett’s short bob bob cut

Cate Blanchett's short bob bob cut with bangs

Cate Blanchett is proof that the short square bobo cut can be worn at really every age. This star of more than 50 years already exudes glamor and sensuality by wearing her short hairstyle. It’s a super versatile cut that can be worn straight, wavy, curly or curly. Wear it with bangs to frame the face or without to open your face.

Margot Robbie’s blonde short haircut

short wavy square hairstyle trend fall Margot Robbie

Margo Robbie opted for a short blunt cut with the side parting. This is truly among the young star’s best looks. The cut combines very well with Margot’s blonde hair color which is also her signature color. You can, however, opt for slightly shorter or slightly longer hair if you wish.

Irina Shayk’s sleek short hair

Irina Shayk Irina Shayk Trendy Women's Short Haircut

Oh beautiful Irina! If you have sleek brown hair like the model’s, you may very well take inspiration from her new cut. She opted for a very smooth and super elegant short bob cut bob. It’s actually the perfect cut for straight, fine hair: it highlights it by giving it more volume and shape.

January Jones hair

January Jones Blonde Wavy Short Haircut

January Jones has opted for a very short hairstyle that is very far from blunt. It’s more of a very scruffy piecy cut with wavy hair. And the result is really very chic and casual. It is a cut that can be worn for every kind of occasion: to the office, for a picnic or even for a wedding with the appropriate accessories.

Selena Gomez

selena gomez smooth short haircut

Selena has worn short hair before, it’s not her first time. For her video for the song Fetich in 2017 she cut her hair and even went blonde later. Since then she wore her pretty long brown hair. But not anymore. She opted for a short bob with bangs that suits her super well. Then she was inspired by Rachel from the series Friends as a transition cut.

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz short bob hairstyle fall trend

Penelopz Cruz is still a symbol of sex appeal. With her new super long and shiny short haircut she shows us how a super simple haircut can really transform a look. And yes, sometimes changing your super long and wavy hair for a short and sleek cut can be really refreshing!

Zooey Deshanel

trendy short hairstyle with bangs Zooey Deshanel

Long brown hair was Zooey Deshanel’s trademark image. And yet she decided to change everything by cutting them. The star opted for a much shorter and much more elegant cut. The beautiful bangs in front only make her look even more beautiful. If you ever hesitate to cut your hair, Zooey is a very beautiful inspiration.

What is the short square bobo cut? Who can wear it?

bob court moderne femme automne hiver 2022 2023

The bob is actually a version of the short or longer bob. It is more unstructured and can be worn in many ways: super straight, wavy or curly and frizzy. Generally, the square goes to everyone, regardless of face shape and hair texture. However, the longer bob looks better on those with thin faces. You can even make curls to balance out the face.

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Short square bobo cut: 9 examples of stars who love this hairstyle

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