Shawn Mendes: His new album, his relationship with Camila Cabello and his duet with Justin Bieber, he says it all!

On December 4, Shawn Mendes will unveil wonder, his fourth album. As he prepares to release the title Monster, in collaboration with Justin Bieber, the canadian singer agreed to speak with Zane Lowe for Apple music. The opportunity for him to come back to his new writing approach, the story behind this opus and the importance of his relationship with Camila Cabello. The video is already available on YouTube and below.

“I always felt like I had to walk into a studio, order the piece and say, ‘This is what we’re going to do.’ This time around, I walked into the studio, looked at authors and people I love and trust, and I just hung out and sat there and did my best to let it come. And that’s what happened. » begins Shawn Mendes about his new approach to work. It must be said that at just 22 years old, the one who already has many successes must be up to it. With an opus awaited by millions of fans, the young man nevertheless seems very rooted in reality. Evidenced by the very healthy relationship he has had with Camila Cabello for several years. “I’ve always thought of myself as a really vulnerable guy, I wrote In My Blood, I’m the guy who talks about anxiety. I’m cool I’m sensitive I’m vulnerable I always thought of myself that way until I got a girlfriend I was so serious with and then I realized how much I I was afraid of being the weak man. I spent a month where I couldn’t even really communicate with her because I was struggling with anxiety and didn’t want her to see me weak. And I was about to ruin our relationship. And then you talk to the other one and you say, ‘Look, I’m fighting here, it’s hard for me to tell you that’. And everything begins to build, to grow and to become stronger, and the roots are strengthened. » confides the singer very openly.

As for his last title, Monster, in collaboration with Justin Bieber, there too the singer tells how much this project was close to his heart. It must be said that it is not every day that you can work with one of your compatriots and, incidentally, one of the most famous pop artists in the world. “It’s about how society can put celebrities on a pedestal, watch them fall, and it seems like something entertaining. And it’s difficult. He immediately got into it. » explains Shawn Mendes about their title which is already shaping up to be an event.

Determined not to be swallowed up by the huge and ruthless music industry, the interpreter of senorita seems to have matured enormously. And this, despite its growing success. “I think it’s essential for people like you and me, and for people like Justin and anyone who’s at the top, or whatever it is that’s in their craft or their art, or as a athlete, to… to really sit down and say, ‘Look, I’m here.’ I’ll tell you right now, I’m here. I had a lot of hits, I’ve been around the world and my dreams have come true over and over again. And the truth is, I was never going to realize that, it was going to be a black hole forever. There aren’t enough number one songs to make you happy, there aren’t enough stadiums to make you happy. The truth about happiness is right there, you are enough, be enough. » thus ends Shawn Mendes during this unique meeting in which he confides as he had rarely done since his debut.

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Shawn Mendes: His new album, his relationship with Camila Cabello and his duet with Justin Bieber, he says it all!

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