Shakira’s song and other lyrics by artists dedicated to their ex-partners

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One of the theories that resonates the most among music lovers is that there are no better songs from an artist than the ones he releases when he is at his worst. Although to compose his lyrics and melodies they are inspired by many of his own experiences, those of the people around him and even imaginary settings, the vital stages in which everything is upside down continue to be the best source of inspiration. The ‘tiradera’ that Shakira has sent Pique in her session with Bizarrap full of messagesthat even Aitana has supported on Twitterit’s just the last example.

But before her, there were many other artists who have dedicated a song to their ex-partner. Without going too far back in time, Ariana Grande dedicated an entire song to her past loves: ‘Thank you, next’. She saw the light in 2019 with some verses in which she thanked all her ex-partners for everything they learned in her relationships, also naming them one after another:

”I thought I would end up with Sean [Paul]but it was not my other half.
I wrote some songs about Ricky [Álvarez]Now I listen to them and I laugh.
He almost married me, and I’m so thankful for Pete. [Davidson].
I would like to thank Malcolm [Mac Miller]because he is an angel”.

Also deserves a mention Olivia Grande with ‘Driver’s License’ (2020). When he wrote it, he had just broken up with her co-star in the ‘High School Musical’ remake, Joshua Bassett, who was immediately associated with Sabrina Carpenter, the blonde-haired singer. She also with whom she showed several times on social networks that she was helping him with the driver’s license. Now you will understand why we give this data:

”Last week I got my driver’s license, as we had always talked about.
You were so happy for me that I finally got to drive to your house.
And you’re probably with that blonde girl who always made me doubt.
she is much older than me [1999 vs. 2003]is everything that makes me feel insecure.

Although if we have to crown a queen in sending messages to past relationships, that is none other than Taylor Swift. All songs that the singer has dedicated to her ex-boyfriends, we stay with ‘Dear John’ (2010). Not even in the title was it cut to refer to John Mayer and the occasion would deserve it. Their brief union of just a few months was highly publicized due to the age difference. He was in his thirties, while she was only 19 years old.

”My mother told me that I had lost my mind, but I swore to her that I was fine. […]
Dear John. Now that you’re gone, I see everything clear. Don’t you think he was too young for this mess?
The girl in the dress cried all the way home. She should have known. […]
Looking back, I regret ignoring those who said, ‘Run as fast as you can.’ […]
All the girls you’ve been with have tired, lifeless eyes because you’ve burned them.
Don’t you think I was too young? You should have known.”

Extra fact: there was a second part to ‘Would’ve, Should’ve, Could’ve’ from ‘Midnights’.

Other artists who deserve a mention on this topic are Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes, in their respective songs that were dedicated to their unexpected breakup. The first in ‘Bam Bam’ (2022) with Ed Sheeran:

”You said you hated the ocean, but now you surf [en relación a las fotos en la playa de Mendes].
You said I’d love you for life, but I just sold our house.”

Shawn exposed his answer in ‘It’ll be okay’, in reference to when he began to have breakup thoughts:

”You’ll make it? Is it going to hurt?
We can try to sedate him, but it’s not going to work.
I have begun to imagine a world in which we do not agree.
It makes me sick, but we will heal and the sun will rise.”

The gossips also agree that ‘Otra vez’ by Aitana is the continuation of ‘Berlín’. When they were still a couple, Miguel Bernardeau went to the German capital to shoot ‘1899’, and the singer imagined what life would be like without him. In “Again” it seems that she was fulfilled, since she began to notice that the actor was getting colder:

”Let me know what is happening to you, it will be that your sun is slowly going out.
For a while I thought I was the problem. Yesterday I touched you but your body no longer burns me.
I kissed your mouth again, and it feels so cold. Tell me if you have another one and she bored you mine.

And we can’t leave without mentioning ‘Cry Me A River’ by Justin Timberlakethe song that has already turned twenty years old and was dedicated to Britney Spears when the couple broke up

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Shakira’s song and other lyrics by artists dedicated to their ex-partners

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