Shakira sinks Piqué: two serious accusations, a blunder and why so many people expect Risto Mejide to be next

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This is the second song that
Shakira dedicated to his break with
Gerard Piqué, and probably the one that will remain on the altar of high-profile reckoning, along with the mythical “Rata de dos patas” by Paquita la del Barrio, or “Ese hombre” by Rocío Jurado. It seemed strange to us that the Colombian ‘wolf’ blamed the
abandonment of the ex-footballer to monotony. It couldn’t be like that, and now that he has put the cards on the table, even Risto Mejide trembles.

Shakira He has not wasted a single line of his song, session 53 by the Argentine producer Bizarrap, but perhaps the most serious reference has to do with the judicial system. It suggests that Piqué has had something to do with his
litigation with the Treasury: «You left me as a neighbor to the mother-in-law. With the press at the door and the debt in the Treasury », she accuses. And, to top it off, he liquidates his image as a good boy with a lethal: “He has a good person’s name. It’s clearly not what he sounds like.”

Shakira’s heartbreak, we see it in her most viral song, is still on the surface. Only from there can one understand the
attacks on Clara Chía, collateral damage in this three-way relationship that also hits hard: “I was too big for you, that’s why you’re with someone just like you.” I don’t like the comparison
Pique’s new girlfriend with popular brands (Twingo or Casio) while Shakira identifies with Rolex or Ferrari. However, these lines must be understood from the ‘beef’ style: it is about provoking.

Shakira has decided to enter through the front door in the rhetorical strategies of ‘beef’ or a ‘tiradera’, something common in the world of hip hop and urban genres that still did not work at full capacity in the field of global pop singers , where the
female aggressiveness it has its limits. Until now. It is about singing the truths in the rawest way possible, something that has excited many women and not a few men.
Alejandro Sanz has reacted with an expressive: «Auuuuuuuuuuuuuu».

Indeed, Shakira the wolf is on the loose. Immediately the viral public has remembered recently separated women, such as
Aitana or Laura Escanes, wondering if their famous couples are putting their beards to soak. Will Shakira be able to break the taboo of silence that is imposed on women after their breakups, under the threat of calling them spiteful?

In the world of virality, many wish the humiliating fate of Gerard Piqué to
Risto Mejideanother star of his own with a profile as ‘alpha’ as that of the footballer and who
tried to ridicule Laura Escanes with the announcement of her breakup on the networks. Escanes, however, has preferred not to skip the traditional script: «For my taste she has been too direct. I think about my children and that is what pulls me back…».

“Just for trying to protect them, because they are already at an age at which, obviously, they are going to say things to them at school,” Escanes continued to explain. Or they may be aware of all the shuffling and all the war going on between them. Children come to mind, and I think I would have saved it for
don’t add fuel to the fire. I think sometimes it is better to keep quiet for trying to protect your loved ones and your mental health«.

Why are singers like Shakira or Taylor Swift censored from talking about their boyfriends in songs?

Obviously, putting the influencer and Shakira on the same plane is not possible, since one thinks of herself as a mother at all and the second,
In addition to being a mother, she is an author. In fact, much of the viral audience has brought up Chenoa’s thunderous silence after her separation from David Bisbal, comparing it to heartbreak songs with their own name that were written by powerful women like Adele and Taylor Swift.

Shakira with Bizarrap, the Argentine composer and producer with whom she recorded the controversial song about her separation from Geard Piqué. /


“They say I only write songs about my ex-boyfriends,” Swift defended herself in a 2014 interview that went viral. “Frankly, I think that’s a
too sexist perspective enough to support a critique. Nobody says that about Ed Sheeran. Nobody says that about Bruno Mars. Everyone writes songs about their ex-girlfriends, their current girlfriends, and their love lives, and no one gives them a red flag.”

What is happening to Shakira’s song about her breakup with Piqué has everything to do with the status that women have in the world of creation, almost always a little below that held by them. Artists have spent centuries displaying in their creative artifacts their
low and high passions. However, having a singer do it doesn’t feel so good. “She is spiteful,” says she, who maintains that silence is dignified.

Shakira has starred in the new Burberry campaign in the midst of a storm due to Geard Piqué’s marital abandonment. (Photo: @SHAKIRA)

Not to go too far, in 2017 C. Tangana wrote these lines in ‘Mala mujer’, a
direct reference to Rosalía, and no one accused him of being angry or seeking revenge: “Bad woman, bad woman, your gel nails have left scars all over my body.” Why? Because the artist’s creative license works at full capacity and we understand that when it comes to creativity, nothing more than talent is in charge.

«I understood that it is not my fault that they criticize you. I only make music, sorry that I splashed on you », Shakira apologizes, not her mother but the author. And, also, a bit of the woman who must demonstrate that she does not owe 14.5 million euros to the Spanish Treasury. Put to speculate reality and fiction in her song, we bet that her litigious prosecutor has something to do with another of the most celebrated rhymes of her song: «Women no longer cry,
women bill».

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Shakira sinks Piqué: two serious accusations, a blunder and why so many people expect Risto Mejide to be next

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