Selena Gomez reveals her beauty routine in this TikTok video!

Selena Gomez is increasingly present on the social network TikTok. She has just revealed her beauty routine!

Selena Gomez caused a sensation on TikTok by unveiling a video of her beauty routine. She shows herself natural, enough to please her community! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Selena Gomez is focusing on her beauty brand

Selena Gomez has been touching everything for years! After having been an actress in the Disney series, she had the opportunity to play in many other films. She also had the chance to sing.

It must be said that Selena Gomez has a very beautiful voice. She has released several albums which have won her several awards. Eh yes ! She even has collaborated with very famous artists like Coldplay, DjSnake, Kygo, Ariana Grande.

But also with Charlie Puth, The Weekend etc.… But after her Grammy nomination in 2021, Selena Gomez wanted to retire from music. This is what she confided in an interview for Vogue.

“It’s hard to keep making music when people don’t necessarily take you seriously. I had times when I was like, ‘What’s the point? Why do I keep doing this? ‘Lose You to Love Me’ was in my opinion the best song I’ve ever released. And for some people, that still wasn’t enough. »

It is Pwhy she released her Rare Beauty brand. She has therefore released a lot of products that look like her. Simple, natural and not tested on animals, his project allowed her to restore her self-confidence.

A natural sensation on TikTok

On the social network TikTok, Selena Gomez therefore likes to film her beauty routine. That’s exactly what she just did, just after Christmas! The star showed up natural on the network! She is simply wearing a towel over her head.

And a touch of pink lip pencil that gives it some pep. Selena Gomez is radiant. She also addedé a matching lipstick on top. The rendering is therefore very elegant. Selena Gomez also wears her moisturizers which give her a glowy complexion.

In the comments, her fans validate her natural look. We can therefore read “trop belle you’re gorgeous”, “I like this natural look”. Or : “you’re too beautiful even without anything on your face”, “it makes me want to buy the range you use”.

At the end of the video, Selena Gomez drops the towel to reveal her dream haire. She also wears a white tank top. And a pair of big o earringsr. That suits him perfectly!

It is most certainly a promotional shot for his brand. Since Selena Gomez therefore wrote: “ Rarebeauty wishes you a Merry Christmas! I love you all so much! So I am grateful for each of you”.

Selena Gomez therefore very often thinks of her fans and nI never fail to wish them happy holidays!

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Selena Gomez reveals her beauty routine in this TikTok video!

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