Seeing Kirk Hammett playing Metallica with Journey has made our day: he has chosen this song

As reported, Kirk Hammettguitarist of Metallicahe joined to Journey on stage on October 6 during a concert in Hawaii. They both faced the issues “Wheel In The Sky” and, how could it be otherwise, “Enter Sandman”, celebrated classic of the San Francisco quartet.

This appearance took place in the second of the two concerts that Journey offered at the Neal S. Blaisdell Arena, in Kirk’s hometown of Honolulu.

Had a great time with Metallica’s Kirk Hammett last night at Journey’s second sold-out concert in Hawaii.guitarist Neal Schon tweeted Friday morning.

Metallica slow down

Kirk Hammett was honest, last August, about the slow progress that the band is making in the creative process of what will be their new album, emphasizing that, throughout their 40-year history, in which they have released 10 albums, It has always been like this.

His last round ‘Hardwired… to Self-Destruct’, saw the light almost six years ago. Between that title and the previous one, ‘Death Magnetic‘, eight passed. The members of the band have tried to speed up the pace, but this initiative does not seem to have had an effect.

“Yeah, you know, we’re not going to go any faster”Hammett said. “It’s just that we have our way of working. We have a process that unfortunately takes a long time. It’s just the way we work, the way we function as a band. And I’ve come to accept that.”

Of course, not long ago the guitarist released a new album, ‘portals’on your own: “Putting out ‘Portals’ is great for me because it frees me from that schedule. I can create a few songs, record them and release them, and I can do it at a completely different pace than the band. And that’s great because it doesn’t seem like it gets in the way of the band’s schedule because, like I say, we move at our own pace.”

The truth is that Kirk could have released a full-length album instead of a 27-minute EP, but this did not happen because he prepared it “at the end of your free time”. “Things started up again with the COVID situation improving. Metallica was starting to stream shows and do stuff here and there. And we started meeting again and thinking about what we were going to do in the future. things started to open up and basically all my energies went elsewhere.

“But I had this music, and it turned out really well, and why waste it? The best thing I could do was share it with the whole world. I want to make great art, you know? I want to make great music. I want to record music that has never been heard. I just want to express myself creatively. I play guitar every damn day, so it’s easy to put a mic in front of it.”

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Seeing Kirk Hammett playing Metallica with Journey has made our day: he has chosen this song

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