Sebastian Yatra: Jonas Brothers, his tour with Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias, Pareja del ano… He confides (INTERVIEW EXCLUDED)

Discover our exclusive interview with the Colombian singer, Sebastian Yatra, who is a hit all over the world!

After discussing with the Quebec singer, La Zarra on her collaboration with Niro, her cover of PNL and Piaf, her new title “You will go away”... This time we go down to South America, with the Colombian artist, Sebastian Yatra. The singer is a hit all over the world and has collaborated with big names in Latin music like Luis Fonsi and Nicki Jam, TINI, Ricky Martin, Danna Paola and also the Jonas Brothers. Few months ago, Sebastian Yatra teamed up with Myke Towers for their hit “Pareja del año” which was a resounding success. The editorial staff of melty was able to discuss with the singer about his collaborations, his upcoming tour with Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias, his role in a Netflix series, his next album… It’s to be discovered right here! And if you’re a fan of Latin music, we’re sure you’ll like Vegedream’s new hit. “Madam Je” with Afro pop sounds.

melty: Hi Sebastian! You recently released your song “Pareja del ano” with Myke Towers. What inspired you to write it?

Sebastian Yatra (singer): The track, the violins… You know, it’s one of those tracks that immediately takes you to a special place. The producers made me listen to it and I immediately started writing melodies on my phone. It was super fast! “Pareja del ano” means “the couple of the year”. It is around this sentence that we wrote the rest of the lyrics. It’s a cool concept. A lot of people, I think, can relate to loving someone and thinking that the two of you will make the most beautiful couple. And then working with Myke Towers is great! He is so talented. The song already had a lot of potential but with Myke, we took it to the next level.

melty: You also collaborated with the Jonas Brothers on “Runaway”. How was it ?

Sebastian Yatra: The Jonas Brothers are super cool guys! They are very down to earth and friendly. “Runaway” is a song about good vibes, joy. We really had a great time doing it. I remember, the Jonas Brothers invited me to their opening show of their 2019 tour, the Happiness Begins Tour, with this song. And it was one of the most exciting moments of my career. We shot the clip in New York and I remember, I was so nervous. I had forgotten what it was like to be so nervous for a music video shoot. There were all these great artists that I admire around me. It was impressive !

Sebastian Yatra Jonas Brothers his tour with Ricky Martin and

melty: You have collaborated with many other artists like Danna Paola, Ricky Martin, Luis Fonsi, TINI… What was your favorite?

Sebastian Yatra: They were all special and they all gave me something important. So I can’t choose just one, it’s too hard! There are a lot of artists that I have collaborated with and become very close to now. I’m going to release a song soon with friends, Mau y Ricky and it’s really a collaboration that was born out of a friendship. And that’s what’s cool to me.

Sebastian Yatra Jonas Brothers his tour with Ricky Martin and

melty: Which artist would you dream of collaborating with?

Sebastian Yatra: Of course, there are several people with whom I would dream of collaborating. I did a song with Michael Bublé last year and I would love to do a song with him again! Otherwise, Ed Sheeran would be amazing. I dream big (laughs) !

melty: You are about to go on tour with Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias. You must be excited!

Sebastian Yatra: I’m super excited! Because even before this tour was a possibility, that I could go with it and learn from these great artists… I believe that sometimes when you really visualize something, when you put good energy into it, life makes that it happens. And today, we’re going on tour in the United States and Canada. I think we’re going to have a great time. When they asked me to join them as a guest, I was super happy! I was excited to be able to spend more time with them. With Ricky Martin, we had already collaborated together last year. And with Enrique Iglesias, not yet but we had talked about it. With the promo for this tour, it was the first time I met him. He is an artist who has influenced me a lot in my career since I was very young. It’s a dream come true!

Sebastian Yatra Jonas Brothers his tour with Ricky Martin and

melty: You recently got into acting with the musical series on Netflix “Érase una vez…pero ya no”. How did it go?

Sebastian Yatra: I play the protagonist and it was a first for me, I had never been an actor before that. That’s exciting ! It’s going to be something different and I really hope you like it. My friend Diego Boneta gave me advice on how to prepare. It’s awesome. Just listen to him talk about his own experiences, for his role as Luis Miguel in the series of the same name, where he had to work on his voice to modify it to sound exactly like Luis Miguel (singer and icon in Latin America, editor’s note) , the time it takes to build a character… It inspired me a lot! It’s not as easy as you think, it takes a lot of work before the scenes. I learned a lot of things.

melty: Is it something you would like to continue doing?

Sebastian Yatra: Yes totally ! If there’s an opportunity I like that comes my way, I’ll probably take it. I’m going to sound weird, but I’ve always wanted to be the guy who stars in “Naked” on Netflix (laughs).

melty: What are your plans for the future?

Sebastian Yatra: I’m working on my album, I just defined the tracklist this week. It’s a very dynamic album. I don’t like to write the same song twice, I don’t want people listening to me to feel the same emotion twice. All the songs you listen to from me, I want them to make you feel something completely different each time. I talk about a bit of everything there, there are a lot of sad songs, it’s a bit normal with me, but it’s sad happy all the same. It will be reggeaton-pop!

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Sebastian Yatra: Jonas Brothers, his tour with Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias, Pareja del ano… He confides (INTERVIEW EXCLUDED)

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