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I honestly can’t remember the last time I was excited about a new Scorpions album. It must be from the time of Love At First Sting, when he was still a young man avid for heavy metal and his testosterone was through the roof.

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1653301825 19 SCORPIONS – Rock Believer RockZoneFrom then on, in my opinion, everything went downhill and without brakes, although they did come up with something interesting from time to time. Of course, until then his career was almost unblemished. Since the departure of Ulrich Roth and the arrival of Matthias Jabbs, the Teutons have been building a career that was destined for total stardom. The psychedelia of his early days with Schenker was far away, and Hendrixian hard rock disappeared when Roth left, then the evolution of the band, supported by the more melodic style of Jabbs’ Gibson Explorer, mutated into more melodic fields. That’s where the conquest of the world began.

Lovedrive (Harvest, 1979), Animal Magnetism (Harverst, 1980), black out (Harvest, 1982) and Love At First Sting (Harvest, 1984) managed to reach the top, including the approval of the American public that also surrendered to that powerful hard rock with a great load of melody. I am not going to say that what came later was lacking in quality, I would be lying, but it is irrefutable that neither Savage Amusement (Harvest, 1988), nor Crazy World (Vertigo, 1990), nor face the heat (Polygram, 1993) maintained the tremendous nerve of previous works. They continued to be successful, they gained a following among the masses and in my opinion, they settled into a formula that they mastered perfectly, but that showed them as a much more generic and less exciting band.

They continued on their way, and in the end we saw Scorpions at the metal festivals, where they got used, like so many others of their generation, to playing the nostalgic card. It was a classic band that more or less kept in shape, kept its important nucleus and it was still nice to see them unloading some of their incunabula.

And we arrive at 2022, two years of pandemic have made them stop spinning. Perhaps they have had time to breathe, take a break, compose without pressure and get into the studio to record without any sales expectations. They have survived a nightmare and they wanted to celebrate it with a good album. No sooner said than done. Never in a million years did I think I’d be writing a review of a new Scorpions album, much less have to say that I think it’s an outstanding album. The best thing since? Love At First Sting? It may seem exaggerated, but I think so and so I have to say.

The feeling is that the band has been listening again to their immense legacy to get inspired and get back on the right track. ‘Seventh Sun’ or ‘When Tomorrow Comes’, for example, can take us back to the very distant times of trance, with those dense guitars and those epic settings. The title track strikes me as a full-fledged hit, one of those tracks that if it had come out in the eighties would have swept the charts, of course we could say the same about ‘Gas In The Tank’ or ‘Roots In My Boots’, the two opening shots where Jabbs’ guitar comes off.

‘Shining Of Your Soul’ reminds me of those half times of love drive, where the well-understood melody was so important. Klaus Meine sings like angels here. And where did Rudolf get the infectious riff from ‘Knock ´Em Dead’? And that chorus? This is an amazing album, loaded with great songs and with the band working at full capacity. that have been left for the bonus track a song like ‘Shot For Your Heart’, one of the best on the album, gives you the measure of how overwhelmed they felt, and for Rudolf to declare that, recording in the studio, they felt like they did in the years of black outmakes you feel like the Scorpions are back and doing it in a big way.

Listen without prejudice, if, like me, you’ve adored them since your teens, you’ll smile with the satisfaction of knowing that one of the bands of your life has resurfaced when probably nobody expected it. Never leave teachers for dead, they can make you swallow your words again in the most forceful way. That’s how easy it is to believe in rock. So it’s easy to believe in Scorpions.


1653301825 779 SCORPIONS – Rock Believer RockZone

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SCORPIONS – ‘Rock Believer’ – RockZone

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