Scandals that have marked Justin Bieber’s career

Like many teen stars, Justin Bieber went from being one of the spoiled in Hollywood and idol of millions in the world to be a problem boy fueled by fame, overwork, and precocious wealth.

The singer He began his career in music as a young and innocent phenomenon at the age of 15, who only knew how to break hearts for his physique and perhaps for his voice.

As the years passed and after his boom all over the world, the popularity and purity of which it boasted went downhillcontinually attracting media attention for his behavior problems, with fans, romantic relationships, problems with the police, alleged drugs and even for continuous fights with the paparazzi.

Here we leave you with five of the scandals that have marked his career.

“I was 15 when the world put me on a pedestal” – Justin Bieber

tragic traffic accident

In 2013, a paparazzi died while chasing the singer’s car in Los Angeles California.

The photographer was reportedly looking for an exclusive when he was chasing Justin’s car; However, the singer was not managing it, but one of his friends who wanted to mislead the press. The paparazzi was hit by another vehicle.

Hours of waiting and disappointments at their concerts

It was in 2013 when the singer was booed and criticized for being late at a concert in the arena London O2.

the singer of Baby He had just ended his intermittent relationship with Selena Gomez when he walked out on stage two hours late on a school night.

The doors of the venue will open at 6:30 and the start of the show was scheduled at 8:30 pm. The eager and angry fanswho were mostly teenagers accompanied by their parents, were infuriated by the singer’s unpunctuality, so many had to go home since they couldn’t be out so late.

In other concertAlso in 2013, Bieber walked offstage in Brazil, never to return after a water bottle was thrown at him.

Justin spits on his fans

His bad streak seems to have come to stay in 2013, since also in this year many fans of Toronto, Canada is offended and criticized him for having spat out from the balcony of his room at the hotel where he was staying.

After his practical joke, Justin’s friends, who were with him on the balcony, began to make fun of the girls and celebrate their rudeness.

Justin’s team denied the allegations and told Us Weekly that the singer was very considerate of his fans. “Justin didn’t spit on anyone. There were no fans under the balcony. In fact, earlier in the day, Justin bought them hot chocolate and put on some of his new music. Justin loves the fans of him.”

sex scandal

during the tour Believe in South America, Justin was involved in a video of sexual overtones when a mysterious woman filmed him sleeping naked. The one identified as Tatiana Neves-Barbosa, said in an interview to The Sun that the pop star was “well endowed” and that she was “good in bed.”

During his time in Rio de Janeiro, the singer was supposedly seen in a brothel, Justin and his team were in charge of denying the rumors.

Fight against Orlando Bloom

It was in 2014 when the Baby interpreter made headlines for getting into a near-fight with Orlando Bloom in Ibiza, Spain.

Close sources told Us Weekly that the confrontation began on the part of the singer when he made sexual comments about the actor’s ex, the model Miranda Kerr.

The now 27-year-old singer’s career has been marked by scandals of all kinds.

Other controversies that have brought him to the main headlines of the international press include driving at higher speeds, alcoholism, illegal possession of marijuana and cocaine, possession of stun guns like the one found on his bus during his visit to Stockholm; threats to police and paparazziamong others.

He was recently criticized and even canceled by many fans in the world for the bad relationship he had with Selena Gomez, which allegedly included emotional abuse against her and infidelities on his part.

In 2018 the couple separated permanently, just so that Justin could marry Haley Baldwin just four months later.

to your problem and media life, in 2020 Justin added the Lyme’s desease and a chronic mononucleosis condition, which affects skin, brain function, and energy.

He had previously spoken about his depression and consumption of drugs like methamphetamine. He admitted that his disorders were the result of fame, work, emotions, finances, family, responsibilities and his past.

He was expelled from Tulum

On a visit he made to Mexico in 2016, Justin and a group of companions were expelled from the Mayan archaeological site of Tulum after he apparently tried to scale the ruins.

An official of National Institute of Anthropology and History revealed that the Canadian was visiting the ruins with his companions when the incident occurred where he was asked to leave the attraction.

At the time it was not clear which of all the ruins Justin was climbing on, but he was “asked to leave” by security authorities.

According to data after incidentthe singer was in one of the ruins that are considered prohibited to climb because they are “vulnerable or unstable”.

During this trip to Mexican CaribbeanJustin and his companions were allowed a privileged visit to the park Mayan Junglewhere they swam in cenotes, rappelled and participated in a Mayan ceremony.

Before entering the archaeological areasecurity personnel asked Bieber to leave his alcoholic beverage in order to gain access, to which he refused. Once inside you also dropped his pants to be able to take a photo without clothes in the ruins.

Apparently the singer had requested a completely private visit so as not to be disturbed by his fans, however, the park staff could not comply with his requests because the park was already full. Instead he was given a security body so he could vacation in peace.

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Scandals that have marked Justin Bieber’s career

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