SARATOGA – Interview with Niko del Hierro before his concerts in Barcelona and Heavy Metal Heart in Valencia

Interview with Niko del Hierro before his concerts in Barcelona and Heavy Metal Heart in Valencia

Hello Niko, how are you? You are in full tour, a tour that is going great. In fact, last weekend in Bilbao, you filled and gave a total concert…

Niko.- Very good Rafael. I’m really very happy, as is the rest of the band. The tour is working very well, there was already a desire for concerts, without rules and without masks, or stories fortunately.

Yes, we come from several cities with a very good reception. In Bilbao, it has been excellent. It is a city that we love very much and it shows that they love us too. We needed that energy, that connection with our people. Personally, I really missed a continuity in the concerts and what to say, for us, the whole tour is being very exciting.

Within your XXX tour you play this Saturday 21st in Barcelona and on June 11th at the Heavy Metal Heart festival in Valencia. Barcelona and Valencia are two important cities. Which SARATOGA will your fans see at both dates?

Niko.- We haven’t visited Barcelona or Valencia playing for a long time. For us and any musician who is on the road, it is an enormous satisfaction to be able to be in both cities, they have been and are the cradles of rock roll. The people who come are going to enjoy something epic after years that we noticed there and we are going with our 30th anniversary in venues as important as Razzmatazz or Republika, which are venues that allow you to enjoy an excellent stage, in which people looks great, we’ll have a great montage of lights and scenery.

We will play the entire album XXX and several more songs, which people always ask us for and which cannot be missed by Saratoga together with Tete Novoa, Jero Ramiro, Jorge “El estepario Siberiano and myself, we are looking forward to reaching both cities.


At Heavy Metal Heart in Valencia, you share the bill with friends like NOCTURNIA, ANGELUS APATRIDA and LEPOKA

Niko.- We have had the opportunity to play this year and last year with them. With NOCTURNIA, recently in Cambils Jaen, and they also did a full tour before the pandemic with us. With ÁNGELUS APÁTRIDA and LEPOKA we have coincided last year in Vitoria, they are good road companions, together we are going to hold a great festival.

So far, the tour is going very well, but is there any moment, city, performance more remarkable than others?

Niko.- For me they are all being very powerful to date and these two that are arriving right now like Barcelona or Valencia, we are going to enjoy a lot. Also as you say in Bilbao or El Pella Rock the other day, at full blast it leaves us with a brutal vision. But I am left with the feeling that each concert we go to more, everyone is being very special. Thanks to our thirtieth anniversary.

Madrid is a challenge, and the challenge is to play in the capital, and also to record the performance. It’s going to be a very special night. Although there is still a lot of time left for October 22, what can you anticipate about said concert?

Niko.- I’ll tell you that logically the concert in Madrid, due to the recording of our next live DVD, is going to be very different in many aspects. Above all, we will also have luxury guests, who will only be there and for that occasion. At the moment there’s a lot of time left and I can’t advance any names due to calendar issues, until I have everything insured, but there are already very good friends, from big bands who gave us the “yes I want”. Almost like at a wedding hahahaha.


And, besides, you alone are doing events, clinics, meetings with fans…

Niko.- If I am doing “A meeting with Niko del Hierro” in several cities and soon countries. It is a very fun idea that you can also attend without having to be a musician. Only that you like music and want to have a fun time. It’s not going to be just a boring masterclass, in which I’ll just explain, harmony and so on. .. no way hahahaha .I will also play songs live from Saratoga, some alone, I will talk about many things that most people do not know, we will have a Meet and greet, photos of laughter etc… It is like attending a concert, but much closer and if you are musician without a doubt that will also be your place. I encourage people to sign up. I have the next appointment in Madrid on June 10 at the Rockville Hall and the band “Dark White” will close the event as the end of the party. Advance only 10 euros

Niko, how do you want to end this short interview?

Niko.- Well, with enthusiasm and desire to continue fighting and working. And if I can transmit some positive energy, or joy to the staff who read it, I am satisfied.

Thanks to you and all your team for your time. See you on the road. rock on !!!

Rafa Base


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SARATOGA – Interview with Niko del Hierro before his concerts in Barcelona and Heavy Metal Heart in Valencia

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