Santa Teresa 2022 – Day 2

There was something apocalyptic about this second day of Santa Teresa 2022. It is certain that receiving government alerts by text message urging us to, and I quote, “take shelter immediately”, that makes quite end of the world thank you. But it wasn’t just that.

No, in fact, beyond the weather panic (which ended up being just a downpour), what gave the day its Mad Max vibe was the destabilizing lack of people in the audience.

It got better towards the end, for Loud and headliner Princess Nokia, but even there we’re talking about a sparse crowd that didn’t quite fill the space it had been allocated.

Just imagine what it looked like at 3:50 p.m. when High Klassified started playing.

Twenty people? Maybe thirty? Including a couple sitting in the front row in camping chairs.

“It’s the best day of my life,” said the DJ and producer, noting that there were more Guru representatives than festival-goers in front of him.

That didn’t stop him from doing an excellent set, full of tributes to the greats, including one to Pop Smoke, and another to Michael Jackson (who we don’t endorse, by the way). He even did us the honor of playing, world premierehis remix not stung glasses of a piece by Kaytranada and Pharrell.

We console ourselves by saying that there is something cool in knowing that we are one of a very exclusive number of people to have heard this tune.

Then, just as High Klass was finishing their performance, came the two government text messages. A moment of pure surrealism in which, I repeat, our government asks us to go to safety as soon as possible. Fact that we did this. The few bars and restaurants on the main street therefore served as a “refuge” for the handful of people present, the time of… well, the time of not much for real. It rained. Then it stopped raining.

The after-end-of-the-world

So once this CATACLYSM OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS passed, we were able to find the stage where SLM still had the chance to perform two songs, despite the previous deluge. Two huge tracks, by the way. Hats off to her for maintaining her enthusiasm and energy.

1653278099 743 Santa Teresa 2022 – Day 2

Then arrives, a few seconds later, Tizzo and his usual good humor. As well as his usual huge joint in the mouth. And his usual White Migz by his side.

He displays a beautiful big smile and gives himself as if the show was sold out, White Migz even throws his cap in the crowd out of excitement. And that, friends, is nice to see. An artist who is happy to be there makes people in the public happy to be there.

1653278099 738 Santa Teresa 2022 – Day 2

And there, we are going to skip a few chronological steps to talk about Princess Nokia right away (we will come back to $not, Skiifall, surprise guests and Loud in a few paragraphs).

Princess Nokia, unlike Tizzo, didn’t feel like being there. A bad day maybe. Or a lack of spirit in the face of the small scale of the show. Who knows? But in any case, we see her going side-stage between each piece to complain and/or breathe a little. She also cuts some songs before their end by saying like “aight next one”. She also whistles beers that she begs from the public, but not in an atmosphere like “hey it’s fun we drink beers together, cheers! » No, rather in an atmosphere of « there I need a beer because I’m tired of you ».

It was therefore a very expeditious set that leaves everyone a little unsatisfied.

1653278099 705 Santa Teresa 2022 – Day 2

That being said, she also verbally DEMOLISHED a guy who was kidding everyone in the crowd with his big plastic dog that hurt when getting hit in the back of the head. So that there’s at least that positive.

Okay, rewind.

$not arrives on stage after Tizzo. The artist, recognized for his tight hoodie hood around his face, today decided to push the concept a step further and completely hide his face behind a kind of sweater-mask. The effect is very Kanye. And maybe just being able to perform without revealing himself too much allowed him to let himself go, because he obviously seems very comfortable both on stage and in the middle of the crowd (yep, he’s jumped at the bottom of the stage to come and perform a piece live on the asphalt with us. One of the best moments of the day).

1653278099 945 Santa Teresa 2022 – Day 2

Then it’s around Skiifall, the young Montreal prodigy to whom all doors have been opening lately. But we have to admit that after $not and his almost punk rap, it’s difficult for Skiifall to keep the energy at the same level with his calmer style. A musically very good set, because the artist’s compositions are excellent and he renders them well live, but which will fall a little flat given what preceded it and, once again, the smallness of the hearing.

1653278099 643 Santa Teresa 2022 – Day 2

Surprise guests… drumroll…

Then a Guru minivan arrives in the audience. It smells like a surprise guest. And the marketing, but above all the surprise guest.

THE surprise guests, we should say, because it’s not one, not two, but three people who come out, rapping, from the van to go to the roof of it.

Knlo, Eman and Claude Bégin, in all their splendour, will therefore be our surprise guests today. The darlings of Quebec rap will perform a few songs on the vehicle before going to join their colleague Vlooper on stage for a flamboyant set that still covers a lot of the work of what Alaclair was once. And since everyone loves Alaclair and people are starting to arrive in greater numbers on the site, their performance kind of marks the TRUE start of the day.

1653278099 931 Santa Teresa 2022 – Day 2

But the peak will come later. When Loud arrives on the stage.

The man who launched his new album literally yesterday is accompanied by his trusty Ajust, who seems in Olympian form, and a drummer who backs up and amps up every production.

Loud will soon be joined by, you guessed it, Lary Kidd, for a few pieces together and then a solo piece by Lary.

1653278099 195 Santa Teresa 2022 – Day 2

Those who were there the last time Loud was in Santa Teresa finally got to have their LLA moment, where the previous time we waited impatiently for Kidd to show up until Loud announced “Lary’s not here, y is selling t-shirts. »

Ajust will soon be joined by the plastic dog we were talking about earlier. He also kept it on the course with him because the toy actually looks a lot like his real dog.

What he doesn’t know is that he’s creating a monster and the owner of the plastic dog is convincing himself that everyone now loves his toy so much they can afford it. to impose it on everyone afterwards.

But we digress.

Loud’s set, packed with hits and led with a confidence and experience that few Quebec rappers have, is a testament to the hold he has on the current music scene in the province.

Even more telling was seeing him perform pieces released 24 hours ago and seeing people recite the lyrics to them.

Now it remains to be seen what this same set will look like today at Métro Métro.

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Santa Teresa 2022 – Day 2

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